1. Depth Training

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    I've been curious about exploring depth training lately and I was wondering if there is anything that people can point me towards?

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    I presume you mean anal depth training?

    It’s a challenging one to be honest, takes patience and practice, lots (and I mean lots) of lube. Get a big lube launcher or the colt syringe sold here, and get yourself a long flexible dildo that is not too large in girth, I started with the 22 inch double dildo below. I use a combination of water based and silicone lubricant as well, waterbased inside and silicone on the toy. The only drawback to this dildo is it is a little stiff at first but PVC does soften over time.


    Then it’s a matter of learning to take an enema to clean out your colon, you don’t want to encounter waste during depth play(unless you do, but that’s not my thing) and if you don’t have a full enema it will be messy. Also a good idea to look at some diagrams of your anatomy so you understand just what your trying to do to yourself.

    The sigmoid sphincter is not a round muscle exactly, it’s more of a U shaped sling that kind of holds your colon up like the I bend in your plumbing for lack of a better description, your basically trying to work whatever toy your using past the bend. This can be pretty difficult at first, but with practice you can learn to relax your sigmoid, effectively straightening the bend a bit making it easier to pass. Be very careful, no sudden or aggressive thrusting etc, you can perforate(tear) your intestine and you can also bruise internal organs. Slow and gentle is the way to go. Keep in mind that generally you don’t feel pain past your anus and rectum, what you do feel is pressure, the intensity of which is the indicator of potential harm so be mindful, if you feel a lot of pressure back off. Everyone’s body is different and some find depth training easier than others.

    The payoff is an intense feeling of fullness and when you are able to relax enough to start stroking your long toys in and out it’s an intensely satisfying feeling. Once you can take a small girth deep, you can start working up until you can take some pretty large dildos all the way up there and then you get a very intense relentlessly filling feeling that is very addictive.

    All that said it is not an every time thing for me, I have to be in a certain mood to want that.

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    Noticed a typo, thanks autocorrect, my mention of plumbing should refer to the “u” bend not “I” bend.

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    This; https://www.lovehoney.co.uk/product.cfm?p=31798 is very flexible and ideal for depth training, once its in about 8" you will feel more resistance, takes time to work past this point but once sliding through it will go in quite some way fairly easily to about 18", I never got beyond this and you can feel the end poking on your left upper side, lots of lube, time on your own, angle of insertion can make a difference too rather than straight up try more of an angle tip towards your back end towards your front? might be slightly different for females? Enjoy

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