1. Lelo Sona or Womanizer Starlet?

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    I recieved the starlet as a tester and have reviewed it, so you should be able to read the reviews on the product page. It's really good, it works, there is no escaping it will make you orgasm and fast, but it's quite noisy, not waterproof and a little small to hold.

    I don't have the cruise but providing you can live with the noise the starlet is the way to go.

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    I've got both.

    Sona (non-cruise) is amazing build quality, battery lasts for ever, so much power I don't even know what to do with it. It can be a bit temperamental about turning up and down on button presses, and I hate that it puts it on the middle intensity every time you change pattern, because I really can't take that. My real gripe with it is that the nozzle is just too darn small for my clit, and will leave purple pinch marks if I use it for long. I also find that it has to be matched in intensity for penetration, which means I can only fully enjoy it with a wand vibe, but it will pretty much always get me to orgasm then. Its real strength however is that it's waterproof. Lovely and washable, and more importantly it's amazing in the bath. I pretty much keep it just for bathtimes. I don't know if it's the sonic-ness of it, or just the pulsing of the water, but I will have amazing powerful-yet-gentle orgasms just by holding it close to me. It takes longer to run the bath if I'm not careful. For anyone who's a fan of showerheads, highly recommend.

    Starlet is only little, has a way shorter battery life (usually a problem for me - not in this case!) isn't waterproof, is super easy to use, and has given me my first multiple orgasms.I'll often take 15-35 minutes to get there, last time I used it I had one in 15, then another 5 mins later. It's noisy if it doesn't have a seal (turn it off before removing it) but small enough that it doesn't get in the way of penetration. I like that it's not as powerful, doesn't have patterns, and only has 4 settings so you can speedily click through them all to get back to the one you like. I think it'll be much better and simpler to get on with as a couples toy. I'm going to get much more use out of it, just because it's small, easy, doesn't squeeze the life out of my clit, and isn't too powerful.

    They're just different essentially. Starlet's never going to compare to the amazing aquatic orgasms I get with the Sona. The Sona's never going to compare with the gentle ease that the starlet will coax me to a landbased orgasm without getting in the way of penetration. Depends what kind of play you're most into.

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    Tomorrow night we get to try out the starlet. The sona has been owned for a little while but doesn't really come out to play much. It has been out more this past week than it has in the past couple of months.

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    I bought the womanizer 500 in the end on the 50% off deal. Used it on my partner twice. Definately got her to orgasm but find it hard to keep still and as soon as you move it the suction is lost 👎🏼 So not sure about it. Want to get the Lelo cruise at some point to try that out.

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