1. Do you ever find that the fantasy is better than the reality?

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    Do you ever find that the fantasy is better than the reality. If so which fantasy.

    My fantasy was about using a strap on however my OH found it too large and uncomfortable, definitely did not like it, the result being a bit of a disaster.

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    Yes fantasy is much better. I love bondage and can get quite hardcore but my ex had absolutely no interest, couldn’t restrain me well enough to immobilise me. It was so disappointing. Obviously I didn’t let on but we never tried again.

    It became very boring missionary on a very rare occasion. Plus because I can’t have kids she wasn’t interested any more.

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    Yes and no.

    Fantasy caters to the natural human want to always have more than we need. "Harder, better, faster, stronger" etc. :p
    An incredibly common but taboo fantasy is being raped; now, in reality that act is absolutely devastating and no one should ever have to endure such a thing... but in a safe, consensual setting between adults, rape play can be incredible due to the rawness and seeming unrestraint.
    I sometimes fantasise about taking huge penises inside me... but in reality that's an awful idea ! It would be very unpleasent and I certainly wouldn't feel good/get off. But when aroused my brain believes I want everything and more.

    I find the best sex is when fantasy and reality blend together, for example: my partner and I start a really rough/degrading scene... and by the end of it we'll end up too focused on feeling good and getting each other off that we end up breaking away from the acting and go a little vanilla and lovey dovey (the latter part being something that wouldn't naturally occur if the scene was "real", y'know ?).

    I think fantasy can be comforting, and even therapeutic depending on who you are and what it is. But no matter what, stay safe and take things slow; you can always try again later. :)

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    Just about always. But, if this were not the case then your fantasies could end up being run of the mill.

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    So. Sometimes it is better to have both of them...... It would be a fantasy of mine to have back the reality.
    It sure would beat really reading Wildthing emails..... Waiting endlessly.

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    I've found the best fantasies are ones my wife and I discover together.. For example a place or position that we both are really into that we talk about until we do it.. I think the build up always makes things more intense :)

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    Fantasy and reality as two different entities, most people will always picture the absolutely perfect scenario but forget certain things, such as a threesome is super intense and amazing but if one person is really not into it then it’s not worth the experience.
    I once went out with a partner and her friend and after quite a few beers we headed home and things got heated, my partner at the time couldn’t handle her drink and just at the heat of the moment she passed out. Me and the friend just laughed and ended up ordering a pizza and playing mario kart till the early hours. So to be honest it was actually a decent night. Just certain things like smells, sounds and emotions can get in the way at times.

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    I find this can often be the case; fantasy can be what ever you want it to be, reality can't.

    I know what is best kept as fantasy for me such as threesomes, I am a jealous lover and wouldn't want to share but the fantasy is great. Of course some people have threesomes as reality and have no problems, it is all personal to you.

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    I must admit several of my fantasies were just as good in reality.

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