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    Afternoon everyone!

    So I'm after some advice. I LOVE a good spanking session and usually like it with a hand. However, I purchased a satin silk paddle a while back but it doesn't quite 'do it' if you know what I mean. It's something like this:


    Could someone recommend the next paddle/whip up?

    Thanks :)

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    I have generally found everything from the dominix range very good if you want something a little higher quality.
    If you want something that packs more of a punch id recommend this
    As it is wooden it wont have the "give" that the Lovehoney satin paddles do.

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    This is exactly the one I had looked it. It caught my eye! It has been added :)

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    Most of my spanking implements aren't from lovehoney, so I can't recommend anything from here based on direct personal experience. However, as a step up from a satin paddle, I agree that something wooden like the Singapore Stinger could be good. (To see if you like the 'feel' of wood, you could always try a wooden spoon / hairbrush / bathbrush first. Things that are heavier or have a smaller spanking surface will probably feel the most intense.)

    Alternatively, I recommend something like this: https://www.lovehoney.co.uk/product.cfm?p=32966 It's narrower than the satin paddle and also leather so will have more sting.

    I hope you find something that appeals! Let us know how you get on! :)

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    Oh! I forgot I do own this:


    It's silicone and I think it has a good mix of sting and thud. Less bite than wood, but still quite intense if used firmly. Used more gently it is more sensual. Also it has two different sides for variety, one textured and one flat. I find they feel very similar in use but they make a different sound haha. Also feel different if used to caress.

    This probably hasn't helped at all, sorry... I'm always happy to go on at length about spanking and spanking implements, not always sure if it's helpful though!

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    No No covered in bees, any suggestions are useful!

    I think wood was the right choice 👍 I do like a slap with one of my big paddle hair brushes haha.

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    I love a good leather flogger, the one I have is very similar to this one. https://www.lovehoney.co.uk/product.cfm?p=29724

    What I love about floggers, is that you can a shivery caress from the fronds, or a whole variety of stinging strokes.

    With a paddle you make full contact on each stroke, and vary the intensity by how hard you swing it. Whith a flogger the person wealding it can vary the force just like with a paddle, but can take it further.

    If the flogger brings their hand to a stop, at the same point as the point of impact, you get one level; but much like swinging a golf club, if they let their hand swing past the point of impact, the force is multiplied. Sort of the difference between a hard putt, and a 300 yard drive, if you get my analagy; I don't play golf though, just love to be whipped hard. One other point the multiple fronds of a flogger spreads the impact, so you are not likely to break the skin; unlike those below.

    A cane or riding crop can be used in the same way by following through on the swing; but being so thin, a cane in particular, could potentially split the skin, as it's so narrow at the point of impact. As can a bull whip, if you have ever heard a bull whip being used, that loud crack is caused as the tip of the whip breaks the sound barrier. So please be very careful if you ever decide to let someone use this type of impliment.

    Enjoy, but take care.

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    I would look at the options available, the lovehoney satin and leather one might be suitable to begin with. There are any options to choose from, l would look for something wider rather than thin to begin with and maybe something to use now and something a bit more advanced. Looking at the product videos as well you might find useful.

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