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  1. Buying toys as gifts for friends?

    VR [sign in to see picture]
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    My friend bought me my first rabbit several years ago for a laugh and now we've kind of fallen into the habit. Sometimes we've bought a more "outrageous" toy (usually cheaper ones), that we know the other wouldn't use, again just for a laugh. Sometimes, it's a toy (usually more expensive) that we know the other has lusted after for a while - I got a We Vibe Touch for Christmas and love it. I'm thrilled she bought it for me as I never would have bought it for myself!

    It was quite funny when we opened Christmas presents a few years ago to find we'd bought each other the same thing

    Neither of us thought it weird until I brought up the subject that I'd bought my sister a toy to cheer her up while we were all in the pub earlier, but now our other friends think we're weird and have accused us of having a secret affair - we're both middle-aged and always been the most open-minded people about sex we know.

    I was a bit put out by reactions and am now left wondering AM I weird?

    Xialos [sign in to see picture]
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    Nah. They're missing out!

    I'm not sure why there exists such a great taboo when it comes to this kind of thing. It's not weird at all.

    ChloJakes [sign in to see picture]
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    I agree...totes no issues!

    I usually buy my friends toys for birthdays or Christmas and they LOVE them.

    Saying that, I know plenty of individuals who still view sex as a taboo subject and the talk of toys is just right out the window!

    LadySpider [sign in to see picture]
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    I agree too - your friends are the weird ones! You carry on as you're doing, my love - and enjoy...laugh in their faces and embrace your 'weirdness' weird is GOOOOOD!

    Scorpius12 [sign in to see picture]
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    LadySpider wrote:

    I agree too - your friends are the weird ones! You carry on as you're doing, my love - and enjoy...laugh in their faces and embrace your 'weirdness' weird is GOOOOOD!

    LOL +1 xx

    Lu SB [sign in to see picture]
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    No, VR, you're definitely not weird. They are the ones with "issues", to say the least.

    I'm not surprised with your friends reaction though as I do find a lot of people still view most things around sex as a taboo. I'm very open mindes and except for my husband (who is not into sex toys at all) and a close male friend, I wouldn't feel comfortable to speak about that in a conversation with a group of friends.

    it's not that I'm ashamed but a lot of people I know are very judgemental and even though they watch porn andperhaps have a secret wish to try something "kinky", they would never admit to that. Very often I do as suggested by Lady Spider. When I hear people's comments or views about toys and these kind of things, I kind of hold a giggle and think to myself: "you're so silly, if only you knew what what you're missing out on".

    Carry on doing your thing baby, ignore them.

    KinkyMinxMoo [sign in to see picture]
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    I don't think that you have anything to worry about, we're all different and that is ok; unfortunately some people struggle with things that are different to something that they would or wouldn't do.

    I too have gifted sex toys to friends, not to the extent of yourself (it has always been a joke from me) but that isn't to say that I wouldn't buy something for them to use, I totally would if my friends actually used toys.

    So long as you and the friend are happy to do so then keep at it, afterall you are not buying your friend toys to please other people so don't let their opinions change you.

    I'd also like to add that other people think that my friend and I are more than, or that as I openly admit to liking girls I obviously have a thing for my friend, neither of those things are true but we do play on it because to hell with what they think; we don't care and neither should you :) x

    NatandTom [sign in to see picture]
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    I don’t think it’s weird. My friend was embarrassed when I saw a toy she’d left out once but I told her I had the same wand and we ended up discussing it’s awesomeness for a while. We now discuss sex toys on a regular basis and I’ve even sent her spares of mine on numerous occasions :)

    нинаnin [sign in to see picture]
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    Not weird. Me and my friends would probably buy eachother more toys if we could afford it.

    Buying someone a sex toy doesn't mean that you are intimate or want to get intimate with them. But that is hard for some folk to understand.

    Horny-devils [sign in to see picture]
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    Not at all we have bought friends toys before

    AmyA [sign in to see picture]
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    I wish someone had bought me a toy a long time ago as I wanted one but was too afraid to buy one myself but no-one I know would even admit to owning one let alone buy one for someone. I'm sure lots do own them and it would just take one to be open enough to start the conversation, wish it could be me but I'm just not that brave.

    ButtPlugFan [sign in to see picture]
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    I love getting toys as presents, there is absolutely nothing wrong with being open about sex, your other friend who thinks you’re weird is just extremely uptight and closed off when it comes to sex. You keep doing you VR!

    VR [sign in to see picture]
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    Thank you All.

    If I was a Sex and the City star, I'd be Samantha, as would my friend I give toys to. I think all the others would be very uptight Charlottes. Most are great, really, but there is one girl who joined the group last and is quite uptight about my open love of sex - she's the one who's opinion matters least to me, but oddly enough, affects me the most.

    It's nice to have support here that I'm not really a weirdo, but I don't think I'll ever lose the title with my friends :-)

    Sole [sign in to see picture]
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    I have given toys as gifts to two friends of mine. None of them complained nor seemed freeked out.

    When I discovered what womanizer w500 could do to me, I thought it would make a great gift. I asked them if it would ok prior to sending the items, of course.

    VR [sign in to see picture]
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    Wow, Sole - I definitely would not have complained about receiving that as a gift!

    I'd love to be able to buy my friend one of those but neither of us is particularly flush and I wouldn't want her to feel obliged to buy something pricey back (which she would).

    I'm eyeing a few of the cheaper versions for her birthday, though. I've used suction and love it so I'm dying to introduce her to it.

    Purring-Pussy [sign in to see picture]
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    I've bought 2 of my friends some toys and LH wax candles as gifts. I've bought my sister some lingerie off here too.


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    Just wanted to add I have purchased toys as gifts for friends. Specifically there for a while I shared my love of the pockert rocket and lipstick vibes with most of them. But I am also in a tight knit group of girls where this is not a taboo subject and we have even hosted sex toy parties where a consultnat comes and demos and sells toys at a private party in a person's home.

    Sometimes people "make fun" of what they don't understand because they are insecure or social norms have made them feel masturbation is wrong, dirty or simply a private matter that "polite" people do not discuss.

    That is why I am so thankful for Lovehoney and this community. It allows people to ask questons in a safe place and read reviews of items from real people because most are not lucky to have a friend like you!

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