1. Vibrations from a wand too itchy to enjoy?

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    Hi everyone

    For Christmas I bought my wife the Fifty Shades Freed Awash with Sensation wand vibrator. I'd read countless reviews of how mains powered wands can be mind blowing so I thought I'd treat her as her trusted vibrator seems to be getting on a bit - it's a simple battery operated hard plastic classic design.

    The problem is she can't seem to enjoy the new beast. She says the vibrations make her itch.

    Has anyone else experienced the off putting itchiness when using a wand and if so, have you perservered or changed technique to overcome it?

    I know mains operated wands aren't for everyone but before exchanging it for something more suitable, I'd really apprecaite the opinions of the wand experienced ladies out there.

    Many thanks!

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    It could be that the wand is too buzzy for her. Many people prefer vibrations of a rumblier nature for this precise reason - buzzy vibrations can be irritating or even painful.

    If this is the case, the best option would probably be to replace it, unfortunately. Unless building up to it from the lowest intensity helps.

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    I would put this down to one of two things - it’s either the type/power of vibration or the difference in type of stimulation.

    You see, wands are wonderful but they produce broad sensations and stimulate parts of the labia and the clitoris that smaller vibrators don’t reach. This can feel unusual at first especially if you’re only used to petite toys that offer very precise contact to one location. Some people only like broad stimulation as precision can be too intense or uncomfortable for sensitive bodies and others only like precision. Some people like both but it can take some exploration and time to discover what works for you and what doesn’t.

    If it’s the type of vibration - that wand may just not be the right one for you. Some vibrations are buzzy, some are rumbly. Buzzy vibrations are high pitched and can be numbing/overstimulating if used in one place for too long. Rumbly vibrations have a lower pitch and penetrate beneath the surface to hit more nerve endings. Based on the ‘itching’ she’s describing, the wand has buzzier vibrations. Try using some lubricant on the head of the wand and and build the power up very slowly and see if that helps. You can also try using it over clothes to see if that reduces the itching she’s feeling :)

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    Thank you Xialos and NatandTom for replying.

    I'll suggest using some lube or layers of clothes - other than that, I guess a vibrator with more rumbly vibrations could be the plan.

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    I don't enjoy wand vibrators either. It may be a problem with the depth of the vibrations but I think it may be that she needs vibrations to be focused in a small area close to the clit. Wands provide broad stimulation, which is great for some people, but other people need pin.point clitoral stimulation (like myself). If it's a matter of bringing the vibrations to a smaller area, they are silicone attachments that can be fixed to the head of the wand and may help with that issue (it did for me)


    Make sure it fits the wand you own, as not every wand has the same diameter.

    Using a silicone attachment may also provide some padding and reduce the itchy sensation.

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