1. Remote sex toys 😉

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    Personally I really the mantric egg but I've only tried it at home alone so I can't comment on the range, it doesn't seem particularly noisy to me either. It's on offer at the moment. https://www.lovehoney.co.uk/product.cfm?p=37965

    Also on offer is this https://www.lovehoney.co.uk/product.cfm?p=38113 which I have tested and thought was pretty good for a battery one. Again not tested out and about or with a partner though.

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    Just ordered the mantric egg after reading the reviews! Thanks AmyA

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    Super, hope you enjoy it! Think I'll get mine on charge tonight as I love using it during some solo bum fun and I think that's what I'm feeling tonight!

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    The problem with remote toys seems to be battery life. In order to pick up the remote signal the egg or whatever has to be switched on all the time.

    Has anybody found a combination that lasts a reasonable time or even an egg and controller that are both rechargeable?

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    The egg and controller on the mantric are both rechargeable 🙂

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    I bought these awhile ago for a play mate I had at the time,


    We had great fun at bars and clubs. With all the ambient noise you didn’t hear a peep out of it.

    I managed to workout that taking the batteries out when it’s not in use really helps they’re longevity.

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    Had a pair of vibrating panties but the signal kept getting lost unless it was pointed directly at where the vibe was.
    But a friend has this and said it was good

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    We have had the fifty shades egg / remote combo for many months, its quietish (not suitable for quiet intimate dining at a restaurant, but moderate level of ambient noise would block it out) plus is USB rechargeable. Battery seems to last a while. Its one of Mrs Sens favourites

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