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  1. Fetish fantasy series 360 degree spinning sex swing

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    Hi all,

    I recently picked up the 360 Degree spinning swing (

    I've been looking at ways of fitting it and wondered if anyone has fitted their swing and could share? The instructions say about putting the bolt up through the ceiling (straight up) I've found that if I open my attic hatch I could put it into the side of a beam, but then the hook would be going into a beam at a right angle intead of stright up into the bottom (Make sense? Into the side of a beam, rather than into the bottom.)

    Can anyone think of any issues with this? It doesn't look like it would restrict movement. Just wondering if it would case stability or support issues. (not in the beam, its a solid beam).

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    The issue I see then is you're pulling on the wood under the bolt so may split the beam horizontally if you put it higher then you're pulling against the top splitting upwards it all depends on how chunky the beam is modern houses rubbish old house with huge beams your idea would be fine.

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    I'm guessing what you're decribing is opening the attic hatch, to fit the swing, using it with the hatch temporarily open, then removing the swing, and closing the hatch??

    If that's right, then perhaps you could use another piece of timber to lay across the hatch opening, resting on the exisitng rafters. That way, you fix the bolt to the "new" piece of timber, rather than into the existing rafter. Perhaps 2 or 3 pieces of say 6"x2" fixed together, stacked, so you have a very strong support across the hatch opening? The hatch will only be maybe 2ft wide, so 3 short lengths would be adequate. Maybe add something to locate the cross beam in position, so it wouldn't slide out mid swing :)

    Hope that might help.

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    If you put the eye bolt in at 90 degrees you will create a fulcrum point, much like pulling a nail from a piece of wood with a claw hammer.

    Olli's Idea is the way to go if you want it over the hatch, and deffinatley create cross pieces to locate against all 4 sides of the hatch opening , otherwise it will move and fall.

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