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  1. For the straight and married ladies what would toy would you like your man to surprise you with


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    I would like to buy my wife a new toy or toys from Love honey, I have a 90 US dollar max budget which should include shipping. I could save up for a better toy

    What toy would you recommend for me to surprise my wife with?

    My goal is to make her have the best bed soaking mind blowing orgasm.

    I prefere this toy to be either used by me on her or by herself when she has the urge.

    She gets the most turned on by external stimulas to the clitoris.

    Any imput would be appreciated

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    How much experience does she have with toys? If it's a first-time or new thing then that would change my recommendations as I wouldn't want to suggest something that would overwhelm her.


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    she has had the very old fashion chrome dildo - vibrator in the past and we have tried and did not like the we vibe ( she liked it for solo play. )

    I got her thumper a fairly large vibrting dildo yet she says it is too big and the vibrations were better with a free small vibrator that came with our order.

    We are fairly new to toys and anything other than staright normal sex.

    Several months ago I got a vibrating prostate massager and some cock rings she loves it when I use both, because I get larger and my penis vibrates her from my prostate massager.

    I have her interested in VR I am working with her tonight so she can pick out a video that turns her on, I will have the video playing on a iPad so I can do to my OH in time with what the porn actor is doing on screen. ( Finding the right video is key for us to make this realistic for her because many things that could be done I am not physically capable of doing which is where I will use a dildo or other toy to simulate what she sees onscreen.

    I normally have a beard which i am willing to shave off to make iit feel less like me when it comes time to go down on her.

    My main thing is I want to please her and know her needs are being fulfilled sexually, this is a concern for me because of my disability from a bad back and neck.

    Sex before my disability was sex for a release with as little effort on either of our parts, ( because of our workload and energy levels )

    Now we have time to invest but I do not have the physical capibilities, to make up for this I have been reaching out for toys and tech to make up for my condition to hopefully keep our nearly 20 year old relationship healthy.and exciting.

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    Thanks for the extra info! That's really useful for us to be able to offer some suggestions.

    As she is still quite new to sex toys, she probably doesn't know exactly what type of stimulation suits her best yet. She knows that external stimulation to the clitoris is what she likes but the type of vibration, shape, material and frequency of the vibration is something she's not going to know yet. For that reason, it may be best to buy a couple of different styles that provide different stimulation so she can see which she prefers.

    I would recommend a bullet vibrator for one of the styles. There are so many options to choose from in this category at all price points. These vibes are small, powerful and provide precise contact with the clitoris. Some people find it too intense which is why a toy from one of the other categories would be a good second option in case she finds the precision too much to start with.

    Here a few recommendations:




    The other categories I'd recommend looking into are pebble shaped clitoral vibrators and wand vibrators. I wouldn't get anything mains powered yet as they will most likely be too intense for someone at her experience level, but it could be something to work up to if she likes widespread sensation. Both of these styles of vibrators spread the sensation out over a wider surface area such as the clitoris, clitoral hood and sometimes other parts of the vulva. 

    A couple of options:




    If you order before midnight tonight you should be able to make use of the 30% off wishlist offer to get fantastic deals under budget :)


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    While reading another post here I found some information about the Liberator motion pillow, for now I will order one of those because it may help me hit the right spot.

    Next pay day I will grab a few of the toys you suggested.

    Thank you so much for your help,

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    I love the suction toys and bullets - I'm a Tango addict, though with hindsight would probably have bought a pebble/silicone version first.

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    Hey EaOutlaw!

    Sounds like your lady is in for some fun - well done you for being such a considerate lover!

    I have a few favs I can recomend - at the moment my absolute favourites are the Desire Bullet https://www.lovehoney.co.uk/product.cfm?p=36366 which I use on my clit myself whilst Lord Spider uses one of the Tracey Cow glass dildos to massage my G-Spot - the pink one is absolute heaven!! https://www.lovehoney.co.uk/product.cfm?p=17187 (on offer at the moment!)

    I also absolutely love the Lelo Sona https://www.lovehoney.co.uk/product.cfm?p=38998 but it looks to be out of stock at the moment - we combined that with the 50's shades Darker steel GSpot wand and I squirted in just a few minutes - so can highly recomend the combination of both of those https://www.lovehoney.co.uk/product.cfm?p=35193

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    I'm driving fast car lately and I need an overdrive gearbox. A low dB sex machine.

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