1. How to introduce sex toys

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    Me and hubby bought a g spot stimulator, how do we bring it into our play without him feeling like a spare part? I would love to hear your top tips.

    We are working at getting out of our sexual rut and are having great fun in the process

    Thanks in advance x

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    Let him use it with your guidance. Relax and enjoy. We have 3 boxes full of various toys which we use on each other.

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    If you are comfortable to allow him to take control and he is happy to take it, then I would suggest letting him handle the toy.

    You could incorporate it initially by him teasing you with it rather than going straight for the win. I personally enjoy feeling the vibrations being run up along my thigh for example. He may enjoy seeing your reaction by what he is doing to you with the toy so he still feels like he is providing the pleasure.

    Experiment and enjoy x

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    I get nearly as much enjoyment from using toys on Mrs Sen as she gets (well, not the same sort of enjoyment).

    For me, the ecstasy she goes through when I get the toys just so is such a turn on, on the odd occasion where the kids haven't been at home, she really has let her inhibitions go like I'd never seen before.

    Dont underestimate your partners keenness to see you go all the way, us blokes are very visual creatures and so long as he isn't shy about watching what he's doing, it's great fun.

    Get him to remember it's a marathon, not a sprint, the slow build up / arousal will go a long long way to a better result for both

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    Several ways to introduce toys into the bedroom, you can give your partner a little show if your feeling confident or let him use it under your guidance as others have said.

    Sex toys are meant to be fun so try and not make a huge deal with them as centre stage, try and relax and just add them in such as using the toy while pleasing your partner if your feeling up for the challenge. Or maybe if you have a vibe just use it on your partners penis if he feels comfortable with trying that. Glad to see your getting out of the rut and doing something to help. Have fun and make sure he feels part of the experience and try and make him feel like his not going to be overshadowed. A lot of people worry when toys are first introduced that they are no longer on the top of your list, as I have also had this on a male point of view. I bought a fleshlights and my girlfriend at the time had a massive panic that it would replace her, but I assured her it was just a bit of fun and nothing could beat the emotional and physical intimacy of another person. Good luck and I hope it all works out, great advice from all the guys above 👌🏻

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