1. Best rabbit for a beginner??

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    im still a virign... but i want to try and experiement with a rabbit vibrator... that way then im hoping i will be a bit more used to something going in, and the actual intercourse won't be as daughting if i've had a bit of 'practice' before hand...

    i need one thats as quiet as possible, preferably cheap and of a size etc that would be suitable for me... any ideas???

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    not a big rabbit user myself. but if you want to get used to things you could always look at some smaller dildos?

    but to me, having the guy do things for the first time was part of the experience. x

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    Yeah, i kind of agree with poppy, its all part of the experience, having your first time.

    And as poppy said, why not just get a smaller one to try?

    I've only been having sex like not long over a year, and i still find rabbits so intimidating, and theres still no way i could get one of them in me.

    Take it easy on yourself, and dont expect too much from your body. I dreaded losing my virginity, but we did it really gradually, and it worked real great for me and my OH :) xx

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    Rabbits take a while to get used to, the girth and length are pretty big - perhaps the slimline ones might be better for you?

    Once you are used to it tho - the results are mind blowing!!!!

    But if you don't get the results you want, don't give up on it! I recently had my first squirting orgasm with my waver rabbit - which i didnt get on with at all before then!

    The slimmer rabbits, with more patterns of vibrations are my personal reccomendation.

    This is a short length...


    This is silmmer in general...



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