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  1. Majorities are designed and made for us ladies?

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    Was chatting with hub awhile ago and he said this at the end of our conversations.
    "You ladies are very fortunate. Most things are designed for you ladies, be it clothing or sex toys. While men' sexual activities stop with ED, women continue as long as they want. Menopause never wiped out the ladies."

    I agree to a certain extent - 80%. What do you think?

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    I would say it's not strictly true - the menopause can have a negative effect on many women's libido and ability to have sex. It's really common for women to experience pain during sex after the menopause because the vagina isn't producing as much natural lubricant as it used to pre-menopause. Burning vulva is also common.

    Painful sex can have such a damaging psychological effect on someone's desire to have sex.

    So I would say I personally disagree. Men can lose the physical ability to have sex with age but women lose the ability to have or want sex too.

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    I chose to differ on your view. I had mine at 42 (8years ago). Been a MD for many years and helped many women in this area I'm happy that there lots of external aids to help women who have menopause. However for men with ED, think they risk their lives as their oral dosage increases over time...many stops their sex life cycle at 70 if they don't seek medical help.

    Anyway, this is not the area I'm focusing here. I just feeling blessed as a woman. Many things are designed for us ladies. As an example, 80% of sex toys and related items are made for us women. That is my opinion.

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