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    ok so its a little early for christmas but was starting to think about my elf on the shelf.

    on christmas eve the elf leaves kids a little christmas box pjs dvd sweets etc.

    i am thinking the elf might leave my OH a little gift too this year. just a little hamper with some things he might like but he always leaves me to do the lovehoney shop so need help from the boys, whats you fav things or what would you want the elf to leave??

    i want to include toys and some sexy undies so please let me know what outfits etc you like best too. also i am not a skinny girl (size 16 with 38ff bust) so please think about that before suggesting anything (plus size is prob best)

    thanks in advance for your help

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    Does the elf have a budget? I mean it depends on your OH really, buying a taster kit for one thing may sizzle or flop for example.

    Some things like cock rings and blindfolds are your versatile tools that aren't scene specific.

    Fleshlights and Prostate toys are best bought when you know they'll go down well.

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    not got a budget starting early so i can buy things over next few months. want things we can use together. we use cock rings all the time, only started to get toys over last few months so still trial and error for us so thought asking others might help with ideas. OH just leaves me to order and is happy to go with whatever so though i would ask what other men like best (i know everone is different ) so i can pick things from that list he might like.

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    I like the idea mrsr85. I might have to start a xmas wish list and get her to open it xmas eve

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    I'm liking your idea sounds fun!

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    Size 16 and 38ff sounds pefect for a basque or corset. I like my OH (a similar build to you) to wear red and black. A bit tarty but sexy at the same time.

    As for toys, buy a magic wand and use it on yourself to tease him first and then ask him to join in as you continue to give yourself the best orgasm ever.

    They seem expensive, but trust me they are worth every penny.


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    Love this idea!!

    I'm a 14/16 with HH boobs and I find open cup or body stocking are best as my boobs can't always get in things 😂 yours might just get in the normal sizes as the cups tend to be d-f 😀 my fave is the open cup body I've reviewed. I will grab you a link....

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