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  1. Prostate massager.

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    Hi everyone having just purchased the ripple rider and being a straight guy I'm not accustomed to having things up my back passage and I am looking for some guides on using it from anyone with experience and good results. I know we are all different but any help would be good for solo use as the wife won't be interested lol. I have had a practice session and did struggle a bit with finding my P spot although I did get some very funny sensations throughout but I don't think I'm quite there yet and also I don't want to injure myself. Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

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    First of all being straight has no bearing on experience of anal sex, there are an awful lot of gay men who do not engage in anal sex; it;s not as synonimous as you might think. There are many " straight" guys on here who love anal sex. gay refers to the need to love and sexually engage with someone of the same sex; sexual "acts" do not constitute a deffinition of sexuality.

    To injure yourself you would have to cause your self an awful lot of pain first, if you getting the toy up there ok then you are half way there. Your prostate is about 2 inch in on the front wall of your anus. the funny sensations could well be your prostate.

    The best way to stimulate it is to get the top ontop of the prostate, and apply a little pressure while pulling the toy back. You can get into a rythem of rocking the toy as you push it in and pulll it out, to do this depending on the toy.

    putting a sort of massage pressure on the prostate is good too, if you us a vibe you can just press it to the prostate and let the vibes do the job.

    Also the design of the prostate massager may dictate how sucsessful you are with it; as the distance to the prostate can vary quite a bit, meaning a particular toy may not reach. Other alternatives are G spot toys like this https://www.lovehoney.co.uk/product.cfm?p=33303 are very good at P spot stimulation.

    G spot rabbits of this kind can also stimulate the perineum at the same time. https://www.lovehoney.co.uk/product.cfm?p=29418

    But it's going to take you practice and patience to learn how it works, and what works for you. The fun is in the journey as well as the destination.

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    Relax. Go overboard with lube and start with a couple of fingers until you're able to feel something pleasurable and are totally relaxed. Then you just ease it in, turn it on and let the magic happen. It's almost entirely just about relaxation. It's partly a mental thing being in the right state of mind, and getting there is, again, relaxation.

    Would recommend a manual one like an Aneros before you get in to using something large and vibrating. With prostate massagers though, you're usually paying for quality. Don't scrimp out on cost if you want to truly get some heavenly sensations out of it.

    There's a few things on my profile I've reviewed very overwhelmingly positive that I'd recommend checking out.

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    As it's already been said... Relax and plenty of lube and finally take your time to get comfortable and find what works for you.

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    Thinking about taking the plunge into uncharted territory too. Can't decide between a straightforward plug or a prostate massager to get things started?

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