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  1. Using Anal Beads

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    So in my latest purchase from LH are the 50 shades vibrating anal beads.

    Can others who have used these (or any anal beads really) give me some pointers as to how to get the most out of them?

    I assume you don't necessarily use beads like you would a dildo or vibe with a thrusting in/out motion?

    Although, would that potentially work if used vaginally? (being mindful of thorough cleaning and spraying with toy cleaner for hygeine).

    I guess I've imagined using them mostly in conjunction with oral with slow insertion of each bead then pulling out again slowly, but they could also be used in a DP scenario I guess.

    Given both myself and OH are new to anal play, we will be taking it slowly, but its something Ive wanted to do for ages, for Mrs Sen, not so much, shes only just letting go of the stigma around it, so I want to make it as pleasurable for her as possible. I realise that communication is key and she will quickly tell me if Ive gotten it wrong.



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    I love just wearing them inserted and spending time doing things around the house to get me turned on. I also have them inserted when i have been out shopping. You get a great sensation from them as well as getting turned on by knowing they are up there without others knowing. But the best advice is if it is your first time, just take it slow and experiment as to what turns you on the most. Pulling them out fast just as you reach orgasm is also very nice.

    Have fun with them

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    I haven't used the beads you're going to use but I do have some experience with other anal beads. Personally I wouldn't use a anal toy vaginally. I have used beads in both the other scernios. Just remember to take it slow, use plenty of lube and have a safe word just it case. Enjoy.

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    We're relatively new to anal play and used the beads in the beginning, and every so often now, just the basic LH ones, we've inserted them slowly during oral, or just popped them in and left them during sex and I love them, adds a new sensation to sex as hubby says it feels ribbed.

    Not a fan of pulling them out fast but hey everyone is different. Lube up and go slow 😀

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    Beads can be used however you feel is best, some like the feeling of the "pop" as each bead goes in, some like to leave them all in and carry on with sexual play, others like and "in out" motion. As a male iv found when they are inserted you can get a huge rush from them
    Pushing against your G spot and pulled out slowly during oral is another level of pleasure. Just make sure you take it easy, use a douche if you have one to keep it clean and use plenty of lube! Also make sure you have a safe word in case they become uncomfortable.
    The best thing to do is experiment and vaginally one of my partners used to love a quick in and out motion with a bit of tongue or a bullet vibe on the clit. But each person is different so have fun and keep them
    Clean especially if your going from bum to vagina.

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