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  1. Spanking toys

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    After my first post, I waited for my bf to be home after work. I marched him straight to a corner and left him kneeling and blindfolded for a while. Of course, in between at random intervals there's spanking with wooden spoon :) We had great time overall!

    I also told him my experience at school that I was caned just a few years ago. We want to recreate the experience but this time, I'm the teacher :) I'm not originally from England if your wondering!! Anyway, I was about to buy a cane from LH but was told it's an advanced tool not for beginners by the LH chat lady. What does this mean?

    Apart from cane, are there other toys that can be used on jeans? Effectively I mean ;)

    p/s Can guy fit into skinny jeans and heels? Is there size 'conversion' table? You know where this is going...... ;)


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    The Lovehoney lady is correct. The cane being used by somebody inexperienced can be lethal and easily cause damage .Until your proficient in its use then I wouldn't try to use it on anyone .The cane isnt the best implement to be used over clothing as the caner needs to see where the strokes mark to avoid placing snother stroke in quick succession on the same spot as that is very painfull.Hence the skill needed to use the cane properly 

    If this is a new field for you both then your better off starting with a paddle. Incidently in the US the paddle is used over clothing so your roleplays will be authentic on that side of things. I think Jess has done some excellent tutorial videos on spanking in general and can be found on You Tube.

    Play safe ! And enjoy

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    I've founn when some subs wear jeans it can intensify a spanking, canning, etc. I've had subs wear jeans during thinking it won't leave marks and later take their jeans off and find deep bruising and even cuts (without damaging the jeans). I'm guessing becuase it can be such a touch weaved fabric. Cheap jean fabrics can rip which is worth keeping in mind.

    You can buy skinny jeans for men, I've seen them in TK max, top shop, etc. Heels you may wish to look out online for larger sizes. I know many people wwho explore dressing up with womensshoes for role play use cheap retailers such as everything five pounds.

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    We use the Fifty Shades of Grey Twitchy Palm Spanking Paddle in our spanking sessions:-


    This product's best feature is the dual effect it can deliver - either the softer stroke that the silky satin side provides, or ....the sharp slap of the leather side. Ouch!

    Once blindfolded, the recipient is totally unaware which side will land the next stroke!

    It is ideal for the beginner, or the advanced user.

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