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  1. Chastity Cage Help

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    My SO and i are looking at getting a Chastity cage, does any one have any suggestions for one that love honey do?

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    Although it's not a cage I have used personally lots of people reckon a CB6000 or CB6000S a good starting point as they come with lots of ring size and cage spacing options which allows you to fool with the fit and, equally important, adjust the fit as you get used to wearing the device.

    NatandTom [sign in to see picture]
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    They've just added four new ones this week. I think they've been sent out for reviews today so there should be some feedback on them soon if you're happy to wait for a couple of weeks :)


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    I am in the cb3000 24-7 for18 months now. Perfectly great cage. Very smug with no escape. Found the cb6000 a little too small. Rule of thumb is cage should be 1/2 inch shorter in length of limp penis and 1/4 inch less diameter than limp penis. Most come with multiple sized rings to put your fellas through plus different size spacers to get the most comfortable fit. With the ring their should be wiggle room to get atleaset the tip of little finger through.
    It's gonna feel strange at first especially when excited but your body does eventually get used to this however if things turn a different colour and the pain is too much remove straight away. Suggest starting with the biggest ring and spacer first then go smaller as soon as comfortable. Now these aren't designed to fit like a glove. You certainly should know that you are wearing it.

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    +1 to what Stuburns and Gyrator to all they have said, I use the CB6000S and find it perfect for long term lock up.
    The good thing is all the parts are interchangeable and you can purchase different cages separately without purchasing the rings and spacers.
    Good Luck and enjoy whichever you choose 👍

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