1. How many people that you know own a sex toy?

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    It is quite strange how it's different for females and males. Seems like most are embarrassed to have a fake vagina in their drawer, don't knock it till you tried it haha.

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    I've tried in the past to help people - when I get freebies with orders that I wouldn't use or have already got, I try to pass them on to people I know don't have any. No longer friends with the one I used to give them to, but I do at least have a family member that appreciates them!

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    I know a couple of mine definitely have toys as they were the ones to encourage me to try them, but we never really have blunt explicit conversations about them. I'm presuming several other friends do too, though as it's such an unspeakable subject it's not something that we are likely to discuss.

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    Most of my mates have sex toys. We often talk about what works for each of us, recommend to each other what we like and don't. It certainly isn't taboo in my circle! I know my husband lets all of his work mates know what I've bought as soon as I text him to let him know...

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    I don't actually know anyone who uses sex toys, and I think most would be quite put off to hear I have some.

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    At least 3 of my close girl friends I know have toys, I've probably bought them some at one point, and I know 2 of my guy friends have them as well.

    Then there's me of course :P
    So out of my close group I'd say just under half have sex toys, or at least openly admit to it.

    For all I know all of my friends have one and some are just too embarrased to tell, it wouldn't surprise me given how often we discuss them amongst ourselves.

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