1. Your first Lovehoney Toy ?

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    Lovehoney Rebecca - Those bullet vibes are quite outstanding for such a little toy. We have two. Fabulous things. Not tried the eggs though, must loook into that. Thank you x

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    SapphireAndSteel wrote:

    ChloJakes - We have a couple of suction cup toys. Only problem is getting them stuck to something best and lace is the bathroom tiles. However this means the missus gets to head butt either the bog or the sink in the outstroke..... not sexy 😝. Great feel and look though and I love watching them in action on her.

    Great choice. Thanks for sharing x

    I'm pretty sure this is why Laminate flooring was invented haha. I can use my suction toys in any room of the house!

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    My first purchase was back in August 2009. Nearly 9 years ago, crazy. I would have been a frustrated 20year old living at home with the parents.. haha.


    I don't have it anymore. I upgraded to a bigger version after 2 years.

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    My first item was a Deluxe Teddy Babe

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    Lovehoney Magic Wand

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