1. Chastity Cages

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    Why are they so damn expensive?

    I bought and loved a cheap plastic one off ebay and it was great (short term wear only, not a lifestyle switch), but ended up having to bin it after I tried to modify it for a bit more room. Ciest la vie

    I'd like to get back into it and would love to try a metal one, but frankly hygiene issues really put me off, you can tell me its stainless tell all you want but wrapping up a tender part of your body in metal for any length of times fill me with images of infections and bits falling off...

    LH do the CB range and I love the look of the chrome plated, but even the regular at £100 a pop seem rather steep. I've checked around and it's the average price for the devices, I'm just surprised they cost what they do.


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    Spent a year and half in a cb3000 24/7. Every other day I was allowed out for supervised cleaning. Nothing fell off or got infected. Very comfortable after a week or so of first intitail fitting. Would recommend.

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    Im with you love to get one but so expensive but I think most male toys are compared to female toys

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    The materials used aren't cheap, so that's why they cost quite a bit. They can last a lifetime with proper care though so it sort of balances itself out.

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    I don't know 😢

    This is the only reason we haven't brought one. I know we can get a refund but it's a lot of money.

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    There are a couple on LH at the moment under 50 quid. The reviews look good and I am sure sex squid will be on shortly to put you right. Am tempted by one myself. You can find them under bondage .

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    I'm with Nat here. They don't come cheap as the materials aren't cheap. If you are really keen then buying one you know will last will save you money over time. Lovehoney has the year long guarantee so if there are problems it's easily returned.

    We have looked into chastity cages. We were fortunate enough to test a flexible one which we really enjoyed. Eventually we will move to a metal cage once we are ready and once funds allow us.

    Keep an eye on the 20% offers sent via email and the uber rare 25% off. Throw in any OH! points collected and it soon drops down. 😘

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    I have a couple of the of the CB6000 cock cages, including the chrome one you have mentioned AJ82, and also a short 6000S. Both models I find very comfortable to wear over long periods of time. The good thing with this range, is the different combination of sized rings ,spacers and locking pins you receive with the cage, which fit the range of cages, so if you want to purchase another type of cage from the range, you only need to buy the cage itself.

    I know they may be a bit expensive, but in the long run your paying for a quality product, and over time it pays for itself. Also with the CB range you can also get spare parts for them if you ever need to replace any pieces if damaged, without purchasing a complete new cage.

    Whatever you decide on.....ENJOY!!! your Chastity.

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    Love chastity but my OH doesn't so I now have two devices gathering dust

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    Spent a few hours in chastity the other night and was woken up at 2.30am by a very randy wife. So now I am trying to work out what was going on in her mind so I can replicate it.

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