1. Recommendations for first time Anal play

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    Hope someone can help by recommending a dildo for first time Anal play with my OH. I've tried a Penis sleeve with her but we are venturing into new territory here. She said she didn't want it too big but wants a realistic one

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    When she said she doesn't want it too big, was she referring to length or width? Or both?

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    She was referring to both

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    I'm considering these which one should I go for which might allow for DP

    Si Novelties Medium Penis Butt Plug 5 Inch
    Blush Super-Flexible Realistic Dildo 4 Inch

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    I would consider this one, it is similar circumference and they have various colours, lovehoney lifelike lover silicone realistic dildo, i have found these to be comfortable and easy to use.

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    There is a lot of fun to have with this kit.

    You can both experiment on each other or even solo with the toys to see how it feels.

    I have progress onto this which is amazing! I'm a straight guy by the way and my oh loves it too.

    Butt plugs are fun whilst having sex too.... we sometimes both wear a butt plug whilst we play, we started small like the ones in that kit and now I can use this one after a bit of warm up.


    I have this one but I haven't managed to take it yet.....

    Maybe this weekend I will succeed....

    End of the day start small, doesn't matter what type of toy you go for either a dildo or a plug... start small and use loads of anal lube.
    Don't be scared of trying it yourself you maybe pleasantly surprised like I was.

    Hope this helps

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