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  1. Use-by date for FSOG Spanking Cream?

    Talia [sign in to see picture]
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    I bought a pot and it's fabulous for relieving pain in my stump (I'm a below the knee amputee) when I've been on my feet too much. It's so great that I'd like to lay in a certain stock, just in case the product gets discontinued. But I can't find a use-by date anywhere on the packaging, neither on the pot itself nor the cardboard. I found a batch number - does that somehow code the production date? How long does the cream keep - opened and unopened? Are they freezable?

    Secondly I'd like to say that I find it rather strange that the FSOG oils and creams don't have any seal whatsoever - there's no way of knowing whether the bottle/pot has been opened before arriving at my place. Could LH please rethink that for any new products (or even better, change it)?

    NatandTom [sign in to see picture]
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    I think it needs to be used within six months of opening. If I'm remembering rightly it does say this on the bottom of the tub, unless the tubs have changed since I last got some of this cream.

    Sum Sub [sign in to see picture]
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    Most cosmetics recommend to discard after a certain period of opening, as NatandTom say. I'm always highly sceptical of such claims and consider them to be an attempt by the marketing department to promote a throw-away culture and part us from ever increasing amounts of cash.

    Anyway, live chat help can answer your expiry question, and I'm not sure if your seals on bottles idea might be better placed in this thread: https://www.lovehoney.co.uk/community/forums/inside-lovehoney/1430452-the-great-big-suggestions-thread-part-2/#p1430452

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