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  1. Magic wand problems!

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    I used to be a HUGE fan of the Lovehoney Deluxe Magic Wand, it gave me some of the fastest and most intense orgasms ever, and it was great to use with my partner too. However, since I had a baby just over a year ago, my clitoris is super sensitive. I used to use the magic wand on a medium power setting, but now even on the lowest setting it's too much. When I'm getting close to climax my clitoris becomes really painful and I have to move the wand away, so my orgasm just fizzles out. 😒

    I'd love to be able to enjoy it like I used to, as it was one of my favourite toys. Is there anything I can do, is it possible to sort of 're train' my body? I've tried just indirect stimulation with the wand and it's still uncomfortable. ☹️

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    Hi Boo, I think it is possible to retrain your body. When you say indirect stimulation, I'm not entirly sure what you mean. But is it this; what I was thinking is to try using it with a pair of panties on, satin, or soft cotton which ever feels best. So there is something between you and the wand to soften it a bit.

    But keeping on trying, but not pushing it too far each time, I think eventually things may settle back to where thery were. Could you finnish off another way, or work yourself up so far without the wand, then let the wand take you over the edge; so you don't have the wand in contact with your clit the whole time. or even alternate fingers and wand to keep the amount of constant wand contact down a bit until you get used to it again.

    But I can't say it's nort a perminant change to the way your body responds to stimulation; but state of mind doees play a part in this kind of thing too, so be mindful of your thoughts about the issue. Thinking it won't change back, may actually make it not change back.

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    My wife has the same problem. After our second baby her clitoris became over sensitive.

    Please, keep me posted if you find a solution

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    I prescribe little and often, to start off with. Get your body used to those vibes again. Also instead of directly pointing it right on your clitoris try massaging around the vagina.


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    Betty Dodson the ambasador for the original Magic Wand used to recommend a folded handkerchief over the clit in her self loving workshop for those tender days, for when you needed the vibe setting to keep riding the wave.

    I hope you can enjoy, again.

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    I gave my LH wand to my partner once I got my doxy, I have the opposite problem using certain meds and whatnot have made it hard to cum that means trying different things like to go on hiatus to grow my sensitivity back up as just trying to power through wasn't working. A good comparison is that when someone shouts in your ear you go a bit deaf for a while but it soon comes back, so that's what I'm working on and what you need in reverse.

    However back to your problem. There's a great reviewer called Erika Moen (http://www.ohjoysextoy.com/hitachi/) and she uses the original Hitachi which only has two speeds so what she does is uses it through a towel, then maybe something thinner like underwear or a folded t-shirt and then taking all barriers away. (Similar to as the other poster suggested). If that doesn't work maybe try getting some delay condoms and putting that over the head as they are designed for guys to last a little longer so maybe that will numb things a little.

    Hope this helps.


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    Hi Boo, I agree with the other posters trying to use the wand through clothing will take the intensity down. Hope you're soon back to enjoying the wand to full capability 😙💗xx

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