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  1. Choosing a RodeoH

    guysalsolikestoys [sign in to see picture]
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    I've still not decided which one of those to gift to my girlfriend. Can you guys point me out the differences in them? If one is better than the other, the build quality?

    Also, the measure is around the WAIST and not the HIPS? Doesn't make much sense to me (I'm a man).

    Peggingand fun [sign in to see picture]
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    We have one like this and love it great build quality and very easy to use

    Friday13 [sign in to see picture]
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    I don't own any of these (or any strap-on pants) but the reviews seem to suggest they are all a good choice. I think it's mainly what kind of look your girlfriend wants. The first and third are more feminine while the second is more masculine. For some women pegging allows them to take on a masculine role so the second might be a good choice. Other women would prefer pretty pegging pants. Maybe ask your girlfriend which she would like or if it's a surprise you could talk around the subject.

    The first and third ones include an open crotch which might be a bonus if you want to be the penetrating partner or use toys on her during the same session. The second has an internal pocket for a bullet vibrator.

    Women's clothing has waist measurements but you may as well ignore them as these pants don't sit on the waist. You can just go by clothes size instead.

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    The second item has quite a bit of stretch. I would offer a size 14 female would fit medium without problems, l'm as 36" waist and i tried them for size and they were comfortable.

    At the moment there is some low rise with lace panels that have similar features and look a bit more femine if that is what is preferred.

    My OH wasn't keen on the other harnesses, i prefer these in appearance as well, very much like a full brief and could be worn as normal underwear prior to other activities.

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