1. Question For The Ladies About Using My New We-Vibe Sync

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    Hi there,

    This question is for all the women who own a We-Vibe Sync: Have any of you had your Sync slip out repeatedly from over-wetness (either natural or originating from a tube of line). This problem has popped up recurrently no matter how I position the joints in the toy. Has anyone else had this issue and if so, were you able to get around in any way or do you just have to keep the toy held in using your hand? Any advice or answers or suggestions would be great.

    Thank you!

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    It slips out constantly! I gave it a 'break' as I thought it might not be the toy for me but as it was quite pricey I want to give it another try soon. I am hoping that practice makes perfect.... So I hear you!

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    I have the unite and have the same results.


    There are a couple of helpful responses there. Positons DO help yet I'm still not entirely convinced by it yet.

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    I don't own one but I've seen that it's a really common problem with these type of toys. Just wanted to point out that if it doesn't work, there's still the returns policy

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    yeah we have problems with this type of toy, they just dont suit some people's anatomy. A position where one of you can hold it in place is pretty much the only guaranteed solution, but not necessarily practical

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