1. Using a wand <3

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    Hi everyone,

    So, I got my new wand today (lovehoney dulux black magic to be precise) and am in love already. Like oh my god...I will never need or want a man/woman again.

    Was just wondering if anyone has any techniques/positions that work well for them when using a wand? I kinda enjoyed thrusting against it, but I'm sure there are plenty of other amazing ways of using it! Any ideas on different things to try?

    Thanks :D

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    Hi have a look at this http://www.lovehoney.co.uk/blog/2011/11/18/love-your-magic-wand-vibrator/

    and mebe

    Wand Essentials Vibrator Comfort Love Seat


    I think for sex position I am not sure which is the best but I suppose you could just expert with some.

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    I use my wand in conjuction with a dildo. I suction cup the dildo to a coffee table and point the wand at my clitoris and i climax and climax until i decide to stop.

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    Glad the experience has been great so far! Have you looked at the attachments? There's so many ways to get creative when using those. You can turn the wand into a g-spot toy, more precise clitoral toy, masturbator etc :)

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    I love wand when it goes together with a dildo. I have a handful of these for diverse purposes. For feel and stimulation I use a mini-size wand usually solo. When with OH I prefer the magic wand which is a lot more powerful. Regardless of the wand OH will finished me off with our latest purchase, LH Jessica Rabbit Xtra 10 Function Girthy Rabbit Vibrator. The thick girth coupled with the twin row rotating beads are explosive!

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    So awsome to hear you having fun! I like to use my wand (Doxy Die Cast) in tons of ways!

    - Laying on my back, and holding the wand on my vulva

    - Laying on my stomach, the wand under my body

    - Laying doggystyle on my Liberator wedge, with the wand under my vulva/body

    - Sitting on my bed/chair/sofa legs open, wand on vulva

    - Using a duvet/blancket between me and the wand (dampens the vibes)

    - Laying on my side, wand between legs

    - Standing with wand tied to body

    - Standing with holding the wand


    There is so much variety, just use your imagination and have fun!


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    Press it firmly against your mons Venus away from your vulva and feel the vibes all the way through to your vagina and g spot

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