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  1. Longer 'safest' anal insertion?

    Ellem [sign in to see picture]
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    I've been playing around with anal dildos a bit, I've been using the 7 inch one with a suction cup in the shower, I'm just curious though what are the potential dangers of going longer than 7 inches? Because if I'm not mistaken that's the maximum length before it starts going into the actual intestines or something?

    Lady Ness [sign in to see picture]
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    Hello, from the resources I've read, the body will just stop taking an item after a certain length. It's hard to judge what is the longest as everyone's body has so many factors to consider.

    However, inflexible items (which you shouldn't use anyway) such as snooker cues, and broom handles, have resulted in very extreme injuries.

    I would recommend maybe looking out for some extra long anal beads as these can be easy to use due to being able to up the length in stages. You can get some over 7 inches, and then afterwards maybe look into a longer dildo.

    Actually, the anal canal is very small and classed as part of the intestines if I remember, it's around 1 and a half meters long.

    I have seen some pretty long anal devices before and heard tales of men getting almost to this depth too. However, I'm yet to witness it in person.

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    I've seen people on videos on the net taking really long stuff. I was curious and bought an 18" double dildo from lovehoney to try it out. You have to relax and never force anything, I found you need to lay on youre left hand side and once you hit the first bend around 7 or 8 inches in you will feel the head of the dildo settle into place. I then found that rotating, pushing gently and also pushing out as if you were on the toilet. It should slowly go past the bend. As a man I found as soon as it passes this a stream of cum ouzed from my penis. This feels strange but I was expecting it as I'd read up before attempting it.

    Just be very careful with anything you do and research fully like I did.

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