1. Anal toy advice/suggestions please

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    My hubby has recently mentioned that he's interested in the idea of pegging, and whilst I'm not totally against it I don't feel comfortable with the idea at present.

    Would butt plugs make a suitable alternative? and then maybe a vibrator or prostate massager?

    As far as I know he's not experienced anything anally before.

    Thanks in advance for your help

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    It would be worth speaking with your hubby more to see why he is interesting in pegging...do you know for certain that he hasn't tried anything anal wise before.

    If you don't feel comfortable that's 100% fine so a toy could be a good compromise. A vibe or a prostate massager or a dildo maybe, depends on whether he would like the vibration or just the penetration.

    If he doesn't have any anal experience a starterkit would be a good idea.
    this one is £30 but it has 4 toys. It comes with a slim bitt plug, vibrating butt plug, probe and vibrating beads. Plus you get free lube!


    Definitely more conversation needed though.

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    If he has never tried anything anal he will probably be better off with a small butt plug or prostate massager to start with, just to get a feeling of what it is like.

    This butt plug was my first and I found it very suitable for beginners!


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    I will share with you what my fabulous horny cephalopod friend (Sex Squid) shared with me. If he has brought up pegging its quite likely hes put something up his bum before. I was doubtful but turns ot my husband had in secret.

    I'm in/have been in your situation. My husband is interested in pegging but I'm not ready for it yet. We spoke about it, a proper big chat, I told him its a possibility in the future but will need to work up to it. We have the beginners anal bundle, some beads, a vibrating prostate plug with remote and it has really introduced us into the anal experience.

    So my advice is talk to him. Don't do anything you aren't comfortable with and enjoy yourself.

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    Thanks for the advice and suggestions - I knew I could rely on the forum members for help on this. I'm going to have a chat with him and offer some of your suggestions for toys/kits to try first.

    I know he'll be very understanding of my feelings, and hopefully we can reach a compromise.

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    Why dont you get a dildo with a suction cup, then you could "require" him to show you what works for him?

    Personally I find the sight of my oh just wearing a harness and dildo a massive turn on. Lots of times we dont "go all the way", but I still enjoy it, and so does she. She says it makes her "feel the power" and brings out her (mostly hidden) sexuality.

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    I just had this one, makes a great starter anal toy :)

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    Thank you for the suggestions Alistoy and Throbinhood.

    Having spoken to him since, he's fine with my limitations at present. He said he had tried anal toys in the past, and we're now thinking about a prostate massager, possibly the Booty Buddy Vibrating Butt Plug?

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    Look for one with a slim neck as they have a tendency to pop out. My hubby has the non vibrating booty buddy which has a slimmer neck and it stays in. You can use a powerful vibrator on the base of the plug to give the same stimulation.
    Others may be able to suggest a different vibrating one for you though.
    My hubby has a vibrating prostrate massager and the neck wasn't thick enough on that either and it popped straight out.
    Everyone is different so he may be ok with what you are looking at but I just thought I would warn you. Love honey offer a brilliant returns offer if it doesn't work out for you though and read the reviews before buying to give you more of an idea of its suitability. 😄

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    If he's already got some experience with prostate toys, I would suggest going for a higher quality toy. From my experience over the years, I bought lots of lower quality cheaper toys to later find out that it was worth paying extra for higher quality toys. For example, I love Lelo products like the Lelo Hugo. Plus, the Hugo can be a fun couples toy because it comes with a remote to change the vibrations of the toy. There's even a setting on the remote to vibrate based on how the remote is held and rotated so you can really mix it up on him. The girth of the toy isn't bad at all either and it stays in quite well.

    The price of the Lelo Hugo might be a bit much at first glance but I can tell you it's worth it. Another option I would recommend is the Lelo Loki Wave but that one doesn't stay in quite as easily because of the way it moves. I do think it could be fun as a couples toy though. The 'Come Hither' motion of the Loki Wave really hits the prostate in a great way too.

    Again, the Lelo toys are a bit pricey but from my experience, they are well worth it. If you're looking for a non-vibrating prostate massager at a lower price, I would suggest the Aneros line of prostate massagers like the Helix for a more beginner size or the Aneros Progasm if he can handle a slightly larger girth. They've great non-vibrating massagers.

    Fortunately, it seems more and more prostate massagers are coming out all the time so there is lots of variety! Whichever one you go with, I hope you both have fun and enjoy it!

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    If you are open to the idea of pegging in the future but your husband wants to experiment anally on his own for right now, maybe purchase this kit (http://www.lovehoney.co.uk/product.cfm?p=28425). You can stow away the harness part for now and your husband can use the slim, non-intimidating, hygenic dildo on himself/for himself with the help of some water-based anal lubricant (http://www.lovehoney.co.uk/product.cfm?p=31585). The dildo is also available by itself (http://www.lovehoney.co.uk/product.cfm?p=30708) in case you don't see pegging in the nearer future.

    I would advise maybe a candid talk with your husband to know what his limits are for a good starting point. If he has already experimented then he might want something bigger than a starter plug or prober and you could get a better idea for what size and what kind of capabilities in a toy (does he care about vibrations/thrusting) he desires. And of course, don't forget Lovehoney's amazing return policy in case he decides against whatever he initially chose. Up to a year you can return or exchange! 

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    It's good that youre open enough to talk about it.

    I told my wife a few years back that for most of my life on and off I'd been into anal play. She freaked out and was totally disgusted :(

    As it happens she's not into sex anyway we probably only do it twice a year anyway so that might explain a lot.

    As others have said for him to bring up the subject he might be more experienced than you think. If not then it all takes time and patience to build up to bigger things. Cleanliness is a big thing too.

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    Thanks everyone for their advice and product suggestions. We had a chat and decided to get the LH Body Rocker Prostate Massager.

    It arrived yesterday and after a bit of fiddling around with the batteries, he held the bullet in his hand whilst I went through the different vibe patterns - I can't believe how strong that little bullet is and certainly wouldn't mind trying it on a certain part of my lady bits :-)

    On a separate note, I can't seem to 'copy and paste' product links? do I need to type them in manually?

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    Been using plugs for a while and this one is my favourite


    Good shape, good size and can be worn for a while.

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