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  1. Looking to treat my self, a little help :P

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    rachels270692 wrote:

    KCouple69 wrote:

    Hey, lovehoney deluxe wand will give you your first climax in no time. Everytime my OH uses it she climaxes literally within a few mins. Highly recommend

    hehe i had the wand but with me being in uni did not egt to use it all that much and was scaired of being found out as it was well big :P so i sent it may i will have to try it again :D

    I recently bought the LH Black Magic Wand in all the Black Friday madness (after much deliberation that quite a few amazing forum members helped with!). I was expecting it to be noisy, but when I received it and turned it on all the way up to the max setting, I realised it was wayyy too noisy for me to use with my flatmate around. The lower speeds are okay and aren't really audible under a duvet and with some music on, but I can achieve those levels with my Tango.

    It's still really strong at the lower speeds, but the higher ones were what I wanted it for, and unfortunately it's not going to work for me with my current living conditions :( I'm sending it back completely unused! :( So if you do get it, might be worth bearing that in mind. If you've got flatmates who wouldn't mind, go for it! Mine definitely would mind, so no dice there. 

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    i live with my family, soooo not a good idea hehe :P that is one think i dont want to tell my family about why is it is so noisy in my room hehe :P

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    CaptainMeow, that's a shame on the noise level.

    The Desire Wand could be an option. It's a lot quieter. I tried the Black Magic wand tonight and I think I still prefer the Desire as its rumbles go deeper and my hand doesn't go numb!

    It's on sale at the moment too. ☺

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    Will have to check that one out as well

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