1. Suction dildos

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    Evening :)

    I've just purchased my first realistic dildo which arrived today. The lifelike lover moan of arc. Well...all I was doing was moaning with frustration! This is a suction cup vibrating one for those of you who don't know.

    I am after some advice. Does anyone have any tips on keeping it stuck to the wall apart from nailing it?!! There is nothing lifelike about pulling your lovers cock off! Ok it's fine if it happens occasionally (the dildo not the lover) LOL but this was happening waaaay too much to ignore. I didn't even get a chance to pick up pace. I've tried dry sticking it, wet sticking it and on different surfaces with the same result (me mentally flinging it out the nearest window). Now, I have previously purchased a suction dildo which is a dream and never comes off. I wanted this one as it vibrates ...(and is bigger)...but it's not fair on me OR the dildo if the end result is me giving it my hardest frown....Ahh - if anyone has any tips I will be most grateful xx

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    I don't have any direct experience. I've only experienced non-vibration suction dildos and they've all worked a treat. Just wanted to say your post made me laugh out loud, written so well.

    Would heating up the toy in hot water work? The suction cup will expand in the heat, stick it to the surface and as it cools the suction cup will contract make the join stronger? Never tried this though. All in all good advice rarely comes this time of night :p

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    I guess using it on ceramic like in the shower and putting some water on the cup before sticking it would be your best bet, but I can't really talk from experience as I don't even own a suction cup dildo. Good luck!

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    I can only say that it may be best to contact customer services.

    generally I tend to stick them in the bottom of the bidet as my shower tiles are of a matt finnish which doesn't let them stick at all well. If your other dildo sticks to the same spot, then it seems to me the new one may only be suited to being stuck to an horizontal surface. Smooth glass like or high gloss glazed tiles would give the best stick. Just to test it try sticking it to some glass and give it a tug to see.

    The weakest stick for any suction cup is when you push it to from perpendicular to the surface it's stuck to, they stick best when pulled.

    Sorry I can't help more.

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    I bought and returned this item http://www.lovehoney.co.uk/product.cfm?p=34288 and in my review I commented on the poor suction cup.

    Ive now realized how shallow that particular suction cup is compared to my favorite http://www.lovehoney.co.uk/product.cfm?p=33602 the suction cup on this is deep and faultless.

    So perhaps this is the issue you're having? In future purchases I now know to pay attention to how the suction cup looks

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