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  1. CB-6000 Chastity cage new user queries

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    Hi everyone

    Had a present from the wife at the weekend, the CB-6000 chastity cage and I have a few questions if anyone can help?

    1. I cycle to work and wondered if anyone else is using this product that also cycles, if so did you have to change your seat position or cycling style to stay comfortable or change the Base ring size or spacer? I only have a 2 mile trip both ways but did a test cycle round the block on sunday evening and the Base ring sits just in the wrong place with how I have the seat and I ended up with a ball escaping the cage during the test, hoping for some advice to cure this as the plan is to wear the cage 24/7 till I'm allowed out but currently just fit it when I get home from work and then let out in the morning for work.
    Going to have to invest in some roomier work trousers too as current ones are a little too snug with the cage on as it's pretty visible, my jeans are fine as spent the day out on Sunday in them with no problems.

    2. Looking for advice on what underwear to use with the cage fitted to give the best and most comfortable fitting as my boxer shorts are not really doing it for me, the wife suggested a nice pair of lacey woman's knickers which I'm cool about, I see LH do mens lacey pants and wondered if they would be better as they will have space at the front for my package where woman's pants won't be made that way.

    Any other newbie advice appreciated.




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    I have had a dangly pop out on a few occasions. Fit a smaller spacer. I had to buy the seperate pack of spacers to get the 10mm one. No escapes with that small spacer. You will also have to buy the set of spacer pins to.
    Don't think there will be anything you can do about the bike seat.
    As for underwear I wear trunk type boxers that holds mine nicely in place.

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    Not sure about the cycling I'm afraid as I don't!

    But I do prefer trunk like boxers just like Stuburns _ used to wear briefs but have found these to be much better.

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    I like to wear women's knickers with mine, but make sure they have elasticated legs (rather than the "no VPL" kind of stuck-on-tape-kind-of-thing) as that helps keep things in place .

    With regards to an escapee, I had that at first and reduced the spacer (I might also have gone for a smaller ring, can't remember) and not had any repeats since then.

    I've only cycled 1 or 2 times while wearing my CB and didn't have any problems.

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