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    I recently had my parents discover where I'd hidden my whole toy collection. They were staying with me while I was moving house and they wanted to help pack. Even though I kept telling them not to pack the bedroom they just had to be helpful. It's sweet really, I wasn't as embarrassed as they were when they found them. This was after a day of my mum asking me why there were plain brown boxes everywhere that I didn't want her to open (I often leave the toy packaging in the box to all go in the recycling). Urgh.

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    I feel sorry for you Jezebella! I will be moving next year and am afraid this will happen to me. I'm already thinking of how to do this smoothly :)

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    love honey should get into home moving. Moving your toys to their new home descretely :)

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    Hahaha good idea afrodan!

    In hindsight, I definitely should have packed them away before my parents got there. I was just so busy with work it wasn't on my mind!

    The time before that when I moved the only difficulty i had was hiding manogomy because it's so big! I tried to make it blend in with the innocent board games haha

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