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  1. Clitoral vibes comparison

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    We haven't used the Doxy during sex and the more I read about Tango the more I want one!! The Doxy is perfect for masturbation, it's easy to hold and control and its weight doesn't change that, I use it propped up on pillows with my legs bent and spread!

    My fella loves it when we use our over the door restraints and makes me spread my legs! Due to the power of it you don't have to move it around so you don't get cramp, you literally hold it in place and let it do its thing! He really loves using it on me! It's the only toy that has left me literally incoherent xx go for it!

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    I am a massive fan of my we vibe touch. The curve means you get maximum contract with broad rumbley strong vibrations. Also it has a tip for pin point stimulation.


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    I would very much recommend these:

    http://www.lovehoney.co.uk/product.cfm?p=35174 - number two of my all time tester items, but probably number one of all my bullets, very pinpoint, very strong. Reasonable price too, in comparison with other rechargeable, waterproof and powerful bullets.

    http://www.lovehoney.co.uk/product.cfm?p=26627 - my second best bullet, also waterproof, rechargeable, often in offers on here for a much better deal. Much softer at the tip, less power than the Rocks Off, but still very strong, easy to handle by its shape and size, I enjoy it a lot.

    I have had the Tango, but it wasn't for me, overly powerful, couldn't enjoy it.

    I have the Lelo Wand Large and am perfectly happy with it, would never consider a wired toy such as a mains powered Doxy.

    I am not a fan of pebble shaped vibes.

    I have this: http://www.lovehoney.co.uk/product.cfm?p=32674 and I have mixed feelings about it, but could recommend. Very strong in my book.

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    Now, not sure if this is of any use but this pinged into my inbox today.


    Another contender to add? We've not used it ourselves but looks "different" if that's the right word.

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    I was a bit unsure of the tango to start with in all honsety, but now it is my number one toy. ALWAYS gets the job done. Previously I had just used a rox bullet and it was great until it died and I replaced it with the Tango. So glad I did.

    I made a post about the doxy wand. While it's great, at present I prefer my bodywand, but each to their own.

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    Is the we-vibe touch easy to use during sex?

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    If you are still considering getting a clitoral toy, I have just recently bought the Lelo Nea2 and am over the moon with it. I am quite power hungry and this really satisfied me even on medium settings. It's a similar shape as the desire one. A bit more expensive, but also ultra quiet. I can't rate it high enough.

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    For me the desire was dissapointing, I wanted more power.

    But I don't have the other ones so I can't help any more than that.

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    I returned the Desire because I found the vibrations were sharp and buzzy - almost painful! I love the Je Joue Mimi in spite of the buttons being a PITA. If you ever see someone with a plus sign imprinted on their thumb, they've been using a Je Joue vibe! Here are my reviews for those 2:



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    I also sadly did not get on with the Desire, and had to return it. I found it quite buzzy and not rumbly. However, I love the Mimi Soft and the Nea 2, and can't recommend them highly enough. The Nea 2 is especially great to use during sex, as it is so small and the perfect shape. Mr Scorpius also loves to leave this on me whilst I am tied up to tease me :) xx



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    Scorpius12 - that sounds amazing. I'd love someone to do that to me!

    I also found the Desire a bit of a disappointment. :(

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