• What are YOU contemplating purchasing next? PART 2

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    I have the Broad City Man on a Mission egg in my basket along with a couple of the 2 for £20 Thrust strokers, and I'm looking for something that takes my fancy to get me above £30 for free postage (even though just ordering those plus postage would be less than £30...). I'm fine for anal toys for now, and for stuff to use with my play partners. Any suggestions?

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    My darling and I havent been able to agree about sex swings.
    There are so many things on the market and some of the points we cant agree on
    deal with comfort, placement in our home and whether or not we should wait until
    we're done fixing the bathroom ceiling. we had a leak and our old lighting was wrecked.
    We had to open the ceiling fix everything and put in a pair of new beams.
    Theres still a lot to do and as impatient as I am, maybe buying it later will be better since
    following the repair process is such a must...I dunno what to do...
    Other concerns we have is the material thats used in the swings-
    Will the metals hold up? Will the fabric stand the test of time?
    Is it better built for my body type or his? How adjustable is it?
    What is considered standard? Do they come in purple and black only?
    I have wider hips then he does, would the 'seat' be adjustible?
    Sorry I have so many questions.
    But at least it gives you all an idea of why Im so hesitant to buy one of the swing items.
    I really want one to help me take pressure off my knees and lower back, but Im so
    worried about how its gonna support me or my spouse that its taking forever to

    I dont mind paying for post or anything, many of my purchaces go past the minimum or
    when I have a big purchace to make I get all the accessories I think I might want or need
    so most times it covers shiping costs.
    My biggest worry is getting to my package the second it arrives so I can hide it from
    my kids or nosey neighbors hehe.

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    New wand 😍

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