1. My first order was such a hit I had to share.

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    This may be a long post so please bare with me as I just wanted to share.

    A newbie to the forums still, I thought I'd share my recent experience with my first orders from LH.

    I received my order a couple of weeks ago but they were intended for use this week as it was my birthday and I was taking the OH away for a couple of nights break. My OH and I have only been together since January and as a bit of an insecure guy in the bedroom due to not being comfortable with my size when limp I kind of made her wait a bit longer than she wanted to before we slept together.But I shouldn't have worried about it. We fitted together snugly and the issue never arose about size etc etc..

    My OH had come out of a long bad marriage and as such she tells me the sex was bad..for a looooong time.Such that she was a bit timid and I guess as nervous as myself.

    I have a few problems medically..one being I have an enlarged prostate,which is a bitch when you have to get off to pee all the time ... but thankfully that isn't a problem as we can both laugh about that.

    I also have testicle problems.. A hydrasele and a varicasele on the other one..so very tender most of the time..and I guess these three problems are what's leading to my delayed ejaculation problems.. Great as in we get long sessions but not great when unable to cum for ages..sometimes not at all, but she doesn't have a problem with it and it's not stopping us jumping each other's bones at any given chance lol.

    As my OH was a bit .. Let's just say .. Usual in the bedroom and due to the menopausal dryness,I suggested we try some lubes and maybe a vibrating cock ring.. Something we had laughed at on the shelves in a certain shop with only once price lol A cheap vibrating cock ring was purchased and the lube did the trick right away and hey.. Her silence was broken..she was off like a rocket. The LH order was placed and the nights away loomed without her knowing what I had purchased for the nights away. I had purchased a few cock rings and a textured penis enhancer sleeve for starters. I had been teasing her for a couple of weeks about the nights away and the fact that I was going to have her wear a blindfold for the entire evenings fun..she was a tad scared but excited at the same time and the lead up to it I teased her more and more and she was loving it.

    Thanks for some ideas from the forums guys 😛

    So, we came back from the restaurant and as usual she was wanting to get naked straight away.. Hell no missus I said.. So I popped on the blindfold while she was still fully dressed, in a nice tight dress and heals .. I teased her like hell for a while before finally getting her naked and already wanting more. Next came the food.. I'd bought some chocolate body stuff and some honey amongst other things.. Slowly dribbling it all over her and licking it off ..she was loving it.. So I covered my cock in it and had her lick it all off and off and off. Not once did she try and remove the blindfold which I was so proud of her as she is soooo impatient. She came loads and I'm surprised reception didn't call about the noise at one point lol

    She kept asking for me to insert something into her but I held back and back and made sure things went really slowly until she was really begging for me to insert myself..so, on with the cock rings with the extra bits on ...

    Now I must say cock rings don't really keep me hard or make any difference, but they are a tad different than the norm and she loved the extra feeling from the nobbles etc.. So after that it was time for the enhancer..which isn't very easy when. You're covered in lube and other juices lol.. I instructed her to prepare for something different and well.. She hit the roof when that went in.Thanks LH for that bad boy.. But as we got really into it it was that wet and lubed up that it kept slipping off..even though it was a bitch to get on as it was a snug fit.She came again and with such a squirt that we were both soaked and loving it. Still no cum from me though..even though I had had a couple of orgasms up to this point.. Luckily I have kind of mastered the orgasm with no cum technique 😎😎

    More food play and lots of clit action for her and she was off again..begging for another internal session .. Well the surprise she had next was I can tell.. such a surprise.. I had kindly bought her a Jessica rabbit toy and managed to keep it hidden from her. I told her again to prepare for something new and finally I started Jessica up .. The initial gasps from her were enough to wake the entire hotel up I'm sure..it was now around 3am lol

    The rotation she loved alone..then the ears set about her and that was enough to send her over the edge yet again.. Even more that it sent me off to another cum free orgasm.. I was shaking for ages after seeing her reactions to the rabbit..

    Thanks to everyone who reviewed the toys I chose.. you made my birthday and her night.. So much so that we are this weekend going to sit and peruse the website again with a view to her choosing something she can use on me..

    I might just add that all inhibitions within us both left that night at the hotel.. She even shared her rabbit with my Perinium for another cumfree orgasm.. (These can far out way the messiness of the normal ). And then I must've had more wine than usual and surprisingly asked her to share it with my butt .. I had been using a prostate massager recently with great results.. unbeknown to her... thats for another nights fun in a hotel .. But I ended with her rabbit up me .. not very successfully but she kept me rock hard for ages and ages as she gave me oral.. still blindfolded.. She loved the whole blindfold thing and played along.

    Wish my birthdays had always been this good..

    Ihope the length of this post doesn't break any rules but I think I would've been banned from Facebook if I'd posted it in there 😱

    These forums are a great read on a boring night shift.. Thanks again to all of you.


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    Waw your birthday sounds fantastic. It sounds like you and your oh had a fantastic time. It's always exciting but nerve wracking getting to know eachother sexually.
    Thank you for sharing, I'm sure you'll continue having lots of fun together ❤xx


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    Sounds as though you both have had a great time. Yes toys become more important as we get older and I think you have demonstrated to any doubting Thomas ' s how effective for a guy they can be.

    Great story and thanks for sharing.

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    great story Fredster and welcome to the forums xx

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    Good work Fredster! The reviews really help don't they? I have found them to be invaluable! Sounds like you're both really good for another. Onwards and upwards to the next experience to share together!

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    Hello and welcome to the forums! I'm so glad to hear that you've enjoyed your purchases and it's nice to hear that you've tried something new together, opening up the paths for future exploration! Great post, thank you for sharing :) x

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    Wow what a great story! I'm happy to hear that you both had so much fun! It's nice too that you loved your purchase and that the reviews helped! Be careful though, it quickly becomes addictive!

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    brilliant to see you both enjoyed yourself and a belated happy birthday x

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    Brilliant story, I'm glad you had such a good experience. Welcome to the forum :)

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