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  1. lelo insignia

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    Suppose I am using the Hugo and she is using the hula beads, will one insignia controller control both toys or will we need a remote for each toy?
    If the former, is there a limit to how many toys one controller can control?
    Finally, if it's one controller per toy, will my Hugo controller control her hula if we were to lose her hula controller?

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    I'd tweet Lelo direct to ask em!

    I'm sure they have recieved similar questions

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    I'd say 1 remote controls 1 toy at a time, it could be any remote controlling any toy, but with them having to be paired, only one at a time. So yes, you'll need one for the Hugo and one for the Hula, but I believe any Lelo remote can be paired to any Lelo remote controllable toy at any point. I don't think there's such as a maximum number either as the remote does not have a memory function. And also because you can buy the Insignia separately as a spare part and they do not have "separate Insignias" for their toys, just one universal one. It's all in the pairing upon turning it on.

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