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  1. Remote Controlled Toys !!!!


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    I know, you are probably right, weird stuff do happen around me with electrical devices sometimes. But my point is, I surely can't be the only one?!

    It's just that our first serious sex toy was actually a Lelo Tiani 2 (similar to the one sold now), and that worked faultlessly with the remote ever since. And I suspect it's because the toy's receiving part stays outside of my body.

    Than I got the Hula Beads, and Lelo exchanged them as I complained about them not working, but the second ones didn't either. So I gave up for a while.

    Then I really wanted the app ones as my husband travels a lot. So got the We Vibe Passionate Play Collection for the 4 Plus (I'm actually one of those that discovered the Tango is unnecessarily too much for it to be any good), and that didn't do well on the receiving end either with the remote, nor with the app.

    Since I didn't like it anyway (the internal arm felt uncomfortable and due to lack of flexibility between the arms it wouldn't even stay put), I got a Classic instead. That I liked, but it had the same functionality issues.

    So while in case of the Hula Beads, the toy was fully in, in the case of the We Vibes the receivers I suspect are actually out, not inserted. So they should have worked. And yet... I only see people bragging about how well they work.


    I need one (preferebly to work with Android apps) that can pass my body blocking signals or whatever! So while I'm out here complaining, any recommendations?

    *sorry, folks, rant over*


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    We use the We-Vibe 4. Its works really well and is great since my hubby travels and can control it over the internet for some nightime fun. We also use it on nights out so it is very recomended. Some similar toys I have used in the past are good but not not enough to get me off whereas the We-Vibe 4 is strong enough to make me cum.

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