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  1. Help me! Paddle Help! >_<;

    RandyRyan [sign in to see picture]
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    In my relationship, me and the missus have quite a thing for spanking, and are very happy with me giving her spankings, using a variety of things. Rulers, brushes, wooden spoons and even sometimes a hard back book!

    We are very much into spanking but our dilemma is that, we've wanted a paddle for quite some time now, however, leather ones are definatly out, because shes vegan, and I HATE leather. >_<

    We looked at the vegan ones on Lovehoney, and as much as we wan one, the pink is just unappealing and not what we like ^^; I think we would rather have a wooden one, but the problem is, Honey doesn't sell them!

    I was just leaving this post to ask for any links to sites that sell wooden ones in the UK for reasonable prices =] Or maybe even somebody out there who is a carpenter, and makes 'those sort' of things. =D

    Help would be very much appreciated.
    ~Ryan x

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