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  1. Prostate massagers.. Almost 50 year olds advice needed

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    As an almost 50yr old man for some of us the prostate can cause problems .. I w diagnosed with age related enlarged prostate a couple of years back which tends to cause a few problems..frequent visits and all that .. Mine also causes delayed ejaculation..which is great for the OH but a three hour session every time u get horny can be too much two or three times a day lol

    so, contemplating a massager to see if that can reset som of the balance down there..I've read a load of reviews on the toys themselves and the pleasures that entail and I'm about ready to jump in so to speak and try one out..

    Anyone else had any similar related issues and tried the massage route? And can recommend

    Only ever had a prostate exam and a colonoscopy and an entertaining ex gf who slipped me her pinky a time or two lol

    Please excuse the typos.. iPad doesn't seem to let me go back and edit them out

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    Hi and welcome to the forums ! 

    To get started we do have a great guide on prostate massagers :


    We also have some past posts that may be a helpful :


    I hope you find the feedback from some of our members you are looking for :) 

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    I'm over 50, nearly 52. I don't have any prostate issues but hopefully some of my thoughts may prove to be of benefit. My wife and I are into anal and prostate play. In terms of her playing with my I have had a variety of toys used on me from vibrating ones, butt plugs, dildos, her fingers and also fist along with being pegged by her. It really is very much a case of experimentation as far as anal and prostate play goes. Without a shadow of doubt being fisted by my wife is quite amazing. This may be further than you perhaps want to go but she is able to locate my prostate with ease and massage it and in doing it milk me, which is an amazing feeling. When it comes down to toys the ones I favour are the range of glass made ones and then several of the realistic vac u lock or King cock range of pegging strap on dildos. I usually find the bigger the better. Again though it may not be for you or your partner. I've used various butt plugs including vibrating ones as well. These may be good because the vibrating stimulation of your prostate and penis at the same time could lead to a quicker orgasm. If you can persuade your partner to do some finger prostate massage then you might want to think about investing in surgical latex gloves. Whilst I always clean and douche etc it just gives a bit of extra hygienic peace of mind and is fun too as she pulls and snaps the glove on hand. Don't forget plenty of water based lube too.

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    Hi I'm 52 and use the Rookie 10 Prostate Massager which really hits the spot and is ideal for begginers as it is of a slim but satisfying length and girth which helps when inserting with a good amount of lube(I use Maximus Anal Lube) but that's my choice any Water Based Anal Lube will do. I hope this is of some help to you so whatever you decide have fun and remember plenty of lube.

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    Thanks for the advice.. I won't be going as far as the fisting but I did a bit of reading last night and decided to try a small bullet on the Perinium today and omg.. That sure does the trick ..I've ordered a cheap prostate massagers to see if that hits the same spots..looking forward to trying it out when it arrives..

    i must say..orgasming without the mess is great .. And the amount of pre cum with the massage was another nice surprise..

    Looks like a fun filled weekend ahead 😎😎

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