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  1. First time rinsed under tap

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    Hi everyone

    I'm new to this forum and I had a couple of queries as a beginner.

    So I got my first sex toy which actually was an Ann summers classic pink ramped rabbit.

    After use I rinsed it under the tap which ive now found out is a no no! I've now took the batteries out but I'm worried as there looks like there's water inside the shaft is this normal!?

    Also since Ive discovered this forum are all the sex toys on here safe or is there certain silicone etc I should be shopping for?


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    You would need to check the instructions for your particular toy. In theory water should not get into the battery compartment . You best bet would be to buy a toy clean er in a form of a wipe.

    P's you shouldn't mention competitor products it's a no no and against the forum rules.

    Welcome to the forum

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    Hi and welcome x

    You could try drying it out in the airing cupboard..... it worked with my mobile when I got water in it.

    As for what you should be looking for, all Lovehoney items have the type of materials used in manufacture listed in the product description. Some people won't buy PVC toys etc. It's entirely up to you what you feel comfortable using but I'd definitely invest in some proper you cleaner to save you having issues with water in the future x

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    If it's a waterproof toy, you should be able to submerge it and also wash it under tap water. If it is, it should be stated on the toy's packaging. If it is, and water got in, I'd say it is faulty. If it isn't, you might be able to save your toy, with batteries taken out leave it to air dry for a lot (like several days) in a warm and ventilated place.
    I don't trust 'just wipes' or 'just cleaners' so I do only buy waterproof for easy and proper cleaning.
    Lovehoney is very clear about each product in their description, and splashproof is their way of saying you can wash it, but don't take it in the tub with you. However I don't trust the 'splashproof' label so I only go for waterproof.
    And yes, there are 'safe' and not so much materials on Lovehoney too just as in any sex shop and loads of threads you can find on these topics if you use the search bar on top of the forum page. And do drop by the forum rules too as we are welcome to speak about any subject and toys as long as we don't mention (at least not in full) competitors' names. :)

    I'm sure you'll soon get the hang of it, welcome and enjoy!
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    I can't talk on behalf of a toy I don't know unfortunately but if there is water in it I highly suggest not using it again and getting in touch with wherever you placed the order from!

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    Lovehoney make wonderfully informative videos, and the three I've seen on sex toy cleaners (the general one that the two on the Lovehoney Fresh sex toy cleaners) state clearly that you MUST RINSE the toy cleaner OFF after use! So using sex toy cleaner is NOT a solution for not-splashproof toys! I do have a few, when there was no waterproof alternative but I just wash around the "leaks". Or protect the toy with a condom during use.

    I don't know the toy in question and don't know how waterproof it's suppossed to be. But as has been said before, if the rabbit is supposedly waterproof and now there's water in it, you could return it as faulty.

    Or you could simply try to use it as is (or after letting it dry out) - there is absolutely NO risk of electrocuting yourself with two or three AA or AAA batteries! The toy either works or it doesn't... Actually, I have a supposedly waterproof LH rabbit (the Petite Thrusting) which also looks as if there were a few drops under the PVC sleeve - I don't let it worry me.

    As for safe toy materials, it's up for debate. As far as possible I try to stay away from anything soft that's not silicone (most hard materials - including hard plastic - are supposed to be safe). If it's not possible because there is no affordable alternative I risk it (see above). However, I stay away from things that list phtalates in the product description and I would definitely return any item that came out of its packaging with a bad chemical smell (hasn't happened so far).

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