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  1. Just the wife and me in the Maldives, but what toys/underwear?

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    Hi everyone,

    My wife and I have an amazing trip to the Maldives next month without our young kiddies. We have a great sex life, although not frequent enough cause of a young family! We like using toys and want to get a load before we go. Please could we have advice based on these interests/turn ons from us both:

    Her: vibrator, anal play (newish to this - butt plug/vibrator?), massages, sexy, if a little dirty underwear (never stays on that long so nothing major here! - crotchless panties/corset maybe?)
    Him: anal play (prostate massager/toy/pegging?), massages, other toys?

    We are keen to try new things so if there is anything else you can recommend please let us know. Thanks for ur advice, we can't wait to start ordering it all!! X

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    Child free! how do you manage that?

    For her assuming its nice and hot, leave the knickers at home?

    There's no restrictions flying with your toys? unless it gets inspected?

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    You will need to check on the battery quota per person, and everything goes through the xray machines and if something looks dodgy they will hook it out in front of everyone, also don't forget the liquid rules for hand luggage.

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    Check the regulations on sex toys before travelling. Though some stuff can be 'disguised' as massagers etc

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    I hope you have a lovely holiday! I think I would hesitate to take TOO many toys, in case customs had a good rummage...

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    Yep be careful, I've been rumbled in airport security, make sure you request a private room if they want to go through your suitcase! And take the batteries out before you pack.

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    Be careful if you fly through Dubai or other UAE / Middle East countries on the way to Maldives. They have different rules and can confiscate sex toys and will search hold luggage also. I used to live there and lost 2 vibrators this way!

    On holiday, I usually take a vibrator and / or dildo, maybe some love eggs, naughty knickers.

    My hubby likes to wear a cock ring so will usually take one of these and his Fleshlight.

    Hope that is enough suggestions, for a fun night out I like to wear the love eggs while he wears his cock ring and we see how long we can last!

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