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  1. Looking at getting a rabbit and would like some help

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    rachels270692 wrote:

    o that :P ya it is great but i am yet to be able to fix it all into me hehe :P i can get just under half i think. .....

    Oh, sorry - that's not how I understood "This is amazing, I love it. Took a while to get used to the size at first, but once done it felt amazing." in youir review.

    The Happy Rabbit 2 Natural is not exactly a slimline rabbit - probably Paige's suggestion is the better one then. Or pick something in between...

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    lol it fixs just have yet to fully play with ti all the way, i have a habit of making to much noise when using it so dont dare slid it in fully in fear of waking my room mate hehe :P
    and it did take me a bit to get used to the size of it, it was bigger then anything i had tried but once i was used to it it was great. Just have to find some very alone time to feel how amzaing all of it is :P

    but it is an amzaing toy and i love it so much :D

    i will check them both out :)

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    My first experience with my Gspot was with the FSOG greedy girl rabbit. I bought it for that reason. Yes it's a bit pricey £59.99 rrp, but if you search Lovehoney discount codes in Google you can usually find 20% off codes (I use vouchercodes.com) and if it's not for you, you can still return for a refund. The FSOG greedy girl, doesn't have a massive angle, but it does have a bulbous head. Use plenty of lube to insert and removed gently because I find my muscles do clench down onto it, so relaxing is must! It's an excellent toy and feels so amazing. If you do buy it, in use don't use it to thrust or move too much, this will be uncomfortable. Just insert until the ears contact your body and wiggle only a little bit. It does take a few used to figure out what works and what doesn't work for you. I love mine! Also the shaft has flex in it

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    On rabbit vibes I can say this - when I got my first rabbit, I got too involved and I actually cut my clit a little, lol. Not badly, everything healed fine, but it did freak me out. So what I'd advise you to do is make sure that the bunny you buy isn't anything but soft silicone. I know - that means pricier, but hey, safety counts for something.

    Personally, I don't like the ears so much... I'm looking at getting myself the Kissing Swan, as it sits around your clit, kissing it, lol, meaning it also doesn't desensitise your nerve endings, which a lot of bullet vibes do for me (and for lots of other people); instead, this kissing end should envelop you and treat all of your nerve endings nicely.

    While you can't desensitise yourself to the end of sensation, you can however get so used to only the strong sensation that nothing else will be as interesting - that's too bad, because precision makes for the best experience. I noticed that with myself a lot in the past, so I no longer use the strong vibes... and my partner was pretty much a power queen for a while, but has since become a lot more sensitive due to using less aggressive bullets.
    With good toys, I'm afraid that investing more means getting more. So good luck with choice! :)

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    I am getting this tomorrow http://www.lovehoney.co.uk/product.cfm?p=34257 and am also a virgin, little bit nervous of the girth but looking forward to it!

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    Smaller half - sounds good i will take and look and add it to my wish list to look at getting it when i have some money thanks :D

    PirateQueen - thanks for the tips i will keep that in mind :D

    VirginAngel - o cool, :D can you let me know what you think, as a fellow virgin it would be nice to get the info from another one. :D

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