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  1. Rocks off bad boy, how to use?

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    A while ago I decided to buy a bad boy. This was my first prostate massager and I foolishly ignored the reviews about how big this toy is and its recommendation for experienced users (the diameter didn't look too big, ive had stools that size). The first time was hard, but not impossible, until that last bulb, I was only able to get it in halfwayish before I felt what was probably the prostrate, then my body just "pooped" out the whole bulb. I don't think it's in correctly because the prenium massager isn't resting on the right spot (I don't think. Currently I'm assuming that my rectum is too small for this toy at the moment, but I question that theory). I want to know if I'm using it right. I tried googling this but all I got were reviews and 2 porn vids using a different model, so Im asking you guys. what is the right way to use this? Am I supposed to be sitting down on something hard to keep it in? Is the last bulb supposed to go all the way in? Is is usable in other positions besides sitting down? Is a rocking motion necessary (hense the name rocks off)? How do I know when its in right? What should I feel? Is it possible that its too long (I was able to stick the whole thing in when the point was facing the opposite direction (into my intestines), but when I turned it around to face the prostate, I felt a sensation, like sensitive pressure, then the last bulb just slips out. Also when I relax my anus, more if it just slides out, like my rectum is pushing it out, like an elastic band reverting to its normal shape after being stretched)? Should I have bought a less girthy toy first? Like the naughty boy (I don't think so, since the length seems to be the main problem, but I dunno)? Do you guys have any instruction diagrams, or a video? If you guys can't help me, can you direct me to someone who can? I just want to actually be able to use what I bought


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    Hi J0hN. I found the exact same issue with the Bad Boy. I came to the conclusion that it was just too long or pointed forward too much or a combination of the two. However, i bought the Big Boy which I found to be a little shorter and at less of an extreme angle. I still find that sometimes it will not fit straight away and i have to sit with it in place or i have to put it in pointing the other way and twist it around. I'm not sure but I think the last bulb is a similar size.

    Hope this helps.

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