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  1. Why are stainless steel toys so expensive?

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    Foxxy wrote:

    No worries. They are fantastic though, especially if you can hand them to your partner to control 👍🏼

    Yes if my hands ever get better I will add it back onto my wishlist :)
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    Stainless steel is expensive along with high standard manufacturing costs probably.

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    As others have said, its just a lot of work to make something like that from steel.

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    Probably cause they will last forever lol

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    Just Jenson wrote:

    It's also due to the quality of the stainless steel which varies a lot.

    Reputable toy brand will have body safe steel so it is safe to use internally without reactions. Most stainless steel contains nickel which a lot of people react to.

    Decent toys will be nickel free, which again come at a high cost.

    True. As an example, the brand Njoy uses 316 grade steel which, by specification, contains 10% nickel. 316 is highly corrosion resistant and has many more applications with and without body contact, including sex toys. We might agree that Njoy is decent and the nickel issue is tricky. Surprisingly Njoy hasn't launched any new products for years.

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    Because we are willing to pay it .....

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    njoy in particular are quite a well known, high regarded and trusted luxury brand so that is a good point to consider. Of course its about things like how they're made/manufacture and of course stainless steal is very heavy and also very solid.

    njoy pride themselves on the medical grade strainless steel as well which is a good thing to consider too- also if you find certain products do seem too expensive- just remember they are quite expensive to buy wholesale from a business point of view too :-)

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