1. I don't like vibrators... abnormal?

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    Hey everyone I purchased a bullet vibrator ages ago and it does nothing for me. It sort of feels good, but my clitoris is really sensitive and I found the vibrations too strong. I've tried using it over a thin piece of clothing but still no difference. I thought it was maybe the vibrator that I didn't like but I recently got a free bullet vibrator with another sex toy purchase and don't like this one either!

    Is it possible not to like vibrators? I just don't get much pleasure from them and the buzzing sound puts me off. Is it worth trying a rabbit or something other than a bullet? Does anyone else not like bullets? Help!

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    Morning Dotdashdot. This is not abnormal at all. My OH isn't a fan of vibrators at all although she does like the Tracey Cox bullet. But that's the only one. She's tried rabbits, vibrators and dildos but prefers the real thing every time or using fingers, tongues and the such. Different strokes for different folks as they say :-) SG69 x

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    I find that sex toys vary enormously, even within the same type. I've got a few bullets, and I find that each one of them feels entirely different to the other. Also, there are a variety of ways to use bullets, so I think that using two bullets a few times and not enjoying them is unlikely to mean that you dislike all vibrating toys! :)

    Sure, it's entirely possible that bullets in general do little for you, and it's entirely possible that all vibrators in the world will fail to please you. However, I'd recommend increasing the number of attempts you make to enjoy them and increasing your sample size to something more diverse than two bullets before you make your final judgment. I mean, it just seems unlikely to me that every vibrating toy cannot meet your needs, you know?

    On the other hand, if the thing was actually painful, I agree that proceeding with extreme caution is a good idea. If it felt just ok, then I'd suggest persevering with it, because your pleasure is important and you deserve to experience it. In any case, I'd definitely take Carly's advice and explore other non-vibratey avenues of pleasure, just for fun. :)

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    I agree with the previous two - bullets do very little for me, but other types of toys will send me to Heaven! I say try a few other types of vibes if bullets arent doing it for you.

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    I agree with Lubyanka as in my experience vibrators are just so different: I've got some that are like a pneumatic drill (the Silencer) and some that are much more subtle (Petite Courture Serenity). It's not just strength of the vibrations either, the texture and shape of the vibrator can make such a difference. I definately wouldn't give up on them entirely without a bit more experimentation!

    Having said that they don't suit everyone and it's not all a problem if they don't! If you're not keen to try another vibe or you have and still aren't fussed...might be a good opportunity to give the Squeel a spin (pun entirely intentional!)



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