1. harnesses and plugs

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    Has anyone worn a harness like the http://www.lovehoney.co.uk/product.cfm?p=34168 or http://www.lovehoney.co.uk/product.cfm?p=11501 and what was the largest plug / toy compatible with them?

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    Rimmer57 has you just got to hope he sees this thread or even read his review on the harness. Sorry I can't help.

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    Bumping this for you, hope someone can help

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    Hi toy_lover69, Yes i have the Kinklab Harness, a Great bit of kit. As Fozzbaer said,I've wrote a review for it. The one thing I don't think I mentioned is the size plugs it takes, most of our plugs have the lengthh ways flared base, and not the rounded flared base to them, so it takes up to a medium sized plug ok,some of the larger ones its a bit of a struggle to locate then in the harness. If the large plugs don't fit the harness, there's no problem wearing the harness while the plug is in you, it gives you some piece of mind that it not going to pop out on you.

    Hope you find my review and what I said above helpful, which ever one you choose.....ENJOY!!!

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    A plug, by my definition, stays in place by its shape, independent of the harness. No plug I have seen has a neck long enough to make the base fit into the pouch of the harness and the bulb fit into you. I do not understand why only plugs are mentioned. It seems to be more reasonable to use, for example, one of the Tantus Silk dildos with these harnesses. Unfortunateley the round base is difficult to fit into the pouch.

    I suggest that you make your own pouch which you slide over the existing pouch. This is a little bit of DIY, the result is much more easy to handle and you get rid of the restrictions imposed by the existing pouch.

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