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  1. Can anyone recommend a glans ring (or something similar) to keep my foreskin retracted when flaccid?

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    There are a couple of options for glans rings might not be the sort of thig you're after if you don't want one with a plug

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    Ozz wrote:

    Fozzbear wrote:

    Or even just a tight sheath?

    I admire just how much advice you dealt out on this thread Bear..nice one x

    I help where I can Blue, this fellas got a fetish which can be hard to get right I'd like to help as much as I can to make it come to life. :) Has no benefit too me as i haven't got any foreskin but helping someone always makes me feel good. Everyone deserves pleasure!!! Xx

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    TheBodySnatcher wrote:

    Thanks for the feedback.

    OscarRomeo, that's interesting, thanks. It's pretty cheap, so I'll definitely consider it. I'm curious, though, as to how you recommend using it; I mean, do you think I should buy two and use one at the base and the other around the glans, or...?

    @ TheBodySnatcher:

    Hi again,

    Get one for the base only. It is brilliant. I will be getting a couple in my next order. As others have mentioned, rightly so, if you feel that it is too tight and you are hurting a bit, you can adjust straight away and quickly - that's one of the best things about this product.


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    Interesting thread,

    i can't really offer advise as such as although uncircumcised, years ago my gf at the time had a rather full on sexlife and that resulting in some rough sex.....this resulting into the most scary accident men and their 'wee men' fear, yes a tear no in fact a complete separation of the glans and foreskin..... So if you don't mind blood, that's the way to go - seriously though I don't advise it as it's very scary at the time!!! But ultimately now my foreskin almost refuses to stay over the head and spends its life retracted naturally.

    But the most sensible way to achieve this would be a snug silicone ring that would hold down the frenulum whilst round the base of the glans and not be as forceful as some metal type, last thing you want is strangled wee man! But yeah...I'm sure I seen one under the cock ring section here

    bit of a ramble but my tuppence worth.

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