1. All I Want for Christmas Is...

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    First let's all agree that this is not a thread for begging or bribing. (Although if people who know/'know' eachother want to organise an exchange amogst themselves, that's their prerogative.) And now that that's all settled, let's start sharing.

    I have a wishlist-making problem (seriously- I have 7; NOT including my tester list and my 2 seasonal ones which will be deleted/emptied after the holidays). Hey, I just like to have everything organised so I can find them again easier... Anyway, that isn't the point of this thread. The point is, I made a Christmas list (which I then split into 2 because reasons) and I was just curious how many others have done the same? And if so, is it just for your own benefit? Something for the SO to browse? Or do you have friends or family members who you are comfortable sharing it with?

    I submitted one of them to the little £10-or-less Secret Santa my online erotica writing group is doing, but otherwise I haven't shown them to anyone. I think I'd show my friends (if they were going to buy me something and asked what I wanted) because they're cool, but I'm half-and-half on doing the same with my female relatives. They're pretty cool too, but y'know.

    Now for the fun part: what's on your list? Which item(s) are you hoping to find under the tree most of all?

    My 'Santa Baby' wishlist is the one with my £10 and under goodies and is mainly comprised of accessories for the little Sexy Santa dress-up I have planned. I already have a red lace basque with suspenders and a Santa wrap dress, so I'm hoping to get at least a pair of stockings before the day, though I'd love the lace gloves, too.

    And the pinwheel. I freaking love pinwheels. http://www.lovehoney.co.uk/product.cfm?p=32236

    My 'Naughty List' is the over £10 items that I will share with friends if they ask (I already got a rather expensive gift from the SO), or otherwise just hope I can save up for to treat myself- and who knows? Maybe some of them will be on sale after Christmas?

    I'd have to say the things I want most on that list are these two pinwheels (of course!):



    and the Entice Rose Gold Triple Nipple and Clit Clamps with Chains (which I have the dodgy feeling in my gut will be discontinued soon, so I'm really itching to get my hands on it quickly):


    Alternatively, share what you've already received or know you're getting. Or what you've bought for a special someone (assuming they're not going to see this, of course... Unless they already know).

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