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  1. Does anyone care about quality?

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    Kiol - it must be frustrating experiencing so many faulty goods. I can understand why you'd be concerned it was a problem with the company. Fortunately, I've not had many problems with items I've purchased or received as testers here. Despite the few, minor issues, I'll keep buying from Lovehoney because their returns policy is the best I've ever seen, so at least I can buy with confidence that even if the item isn't right, I have only wasted my time and not my money.

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    I've never had a faulty item. The only reasons I ever sent things back were if they didn't fit or just didn't work for me, but I've never really questioned the quality.

    Please don't be put off buying again, Lovehoney are an amazing business with fantastic customer care! I think you may have just been a victim of bad luck x

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    Thanks for all the replys. I thought I'd update the thread. I've spoken to somebody from Love Honey, well, more than one person (it seems that when emailing, you get a different person on each response), and after receiving a ridiculous and rather insulting response, I have opted to take a refund. I think I'll take my money elsewhere tbh

    Thanks again

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    I think it's just bad luck too. I've been shopping here exclusively for nearly 18 months now and I've only received 2 faulty items. It didn't bother me though as the customer sevice is excellent and they were quickly replaced. I'd be interested to know what item you're having problems with. I tend to buy the mid-high price range toys and I wonder if that's why I've had so few problems.

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    Kiol, which product did you have your recent problem with? I'm curious now!

    I've been lucky so far - not everything I've bought has been of top quality (you get what you pay for, and as Lovebirds_x wrote, we all go through our learning phase), but nothing has been dead on arrival.

    If you think about it: You want your sex toy to arrive in a sealed, unopened package, don't you? So LH can't test it before shipping it to you, can they? And considering the frankly ridiculous price of many toys there's no way large-scale quality testing is done in Chinese factories. So a certain percentage of each batch will be faulty, that's unavoidable (I worked for a hard disk manufacturer back in the 80' - not a cheap product but there still were enough DOAs). It's just bad luck that you got two faulty items in a row.

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    I would say it is a bad luck. I once received a faulty toy made by Lelo from LH, and the replacement had exactly the same problem or similar. Only the third one worked fine and I have to say I still have it and only now starting to show that it may go soon. Should add this failure would be after erhm 4 and half years of use? But I should add I really used it frequently so I am not surprised if it goes now.

    Just saying even larger brands can have faulty products. But generally most toys I received from LH were ok, I only had about 3 or 4 faulty toys over the years and with one it was actually the charger, not the toy itself, which turned to be faulty.

    Just contact the LH customer service, they will be able to sort it for you.


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    I've been unlucky with receiving faulty products, not just from here from other sites aswell. But the Lovehoney returns policy means send your faulty items and receive replacements. It's really easy as with all Lovehoney orders you get a freepost return label. They've always been great with me. So I'm sure it'll be sorted *♡*xc

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    we have had only one faulty toy. was just a poor piece of quality from the manufacturer. replacement sent straight away with no quibbles

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    Kiol wrote:

    Thanks for all the replys. I thought I'd update the thread. I've spoken to somebody from Love Honey, well, more than one person (it seems that when emailing, you get a different person on each response), and after receiving a ridiculous and rather insulting response, I have opted to take a refund. I think I'll take my money elsewhere tbh

    Thanks again

    Hi Kiol

    I'm sorry this is the result of what sounds like some bad luck and miscommunication! I've had a look at the email exchanges between you and customer care and I'm very sorry you feel the response you had from us was not adequate. From what I can see, our agent was simply doing his job and being thorough.

    As I'm sure you can imagine, we have a lot of instances where customers report an item as faulty, and when it gets back to us, a lot of the time the item works just fine. Sometimes it's a case of the customer needing a few extra instructions to get a toy working. This is why we always ask about batteries and double check everything before we waste your time sending an item back to us that doesn't need it. I know an extra email can seem like a pointless thing, but in the long run, it can save a lot of time and effort for everyone involved, which in turn (I reckon) is better service. Also, we know our products better than anyone, and are aware of 'common problems' with particular products. With certain products we always check if the customer has inserted batteries correctly, tightened the bottom etc etc.

    For example, I spoke to a customer just last week who had returned 2 bullets to us already and was on her third, saying this one was faulty too. After a quick conversation and asking a few additional questions, it turned out she just hadn't tightened the bottom quite tight enough. Through asking a couple of extra questions, we got it working within one phone call! If I hadn't asked the question, she would have had to return ANOTHER item to us, which would have added to her frustration, when in fact all three worked just fine. Effectively, the agent who dealt with your query, was doing this over email.

    In addition, I note that your review for the product in question mentions that the battery compartment was too tight? And you also mention you have problems with Lovehoney battery operated toys.

    Were you using rechargeable batteries? Lots of people don't realise that rechargeable batteries are actually slightly bigger than standard ones, and therefore often don't work in sex toys and are too big for the little compartments. Could this be the route of your multiple problems with battery operated products? Perhaps they weren't faulty, and you were using the wrong kind of batteries? 

    I'm sure this is just a slight misunderstanding, and we'd be sad to see you go! But please be aware that if you do take your custom elsewhere, the above issues with rechargeable batteries etc will still apply, but you may not be so lucky with the returns policy with another retailer. 

    If you need any other help, please don't hesitate to get in touch. 

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    Only had a couple of problems with the mountain of products I've bought and it's all been sorted no problems.

    Agree with what Jess has said above, sometimes there is something needed to get it working that you haven't quite done (I'm guilty of this!)

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