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  1. Womanizer W500

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    I've just ordered this after a large gulp at the price. It usually takes ages for my lovely wife to climax even with the DOXY at full power (usually with attachments to focus the power) and it leaves her very tired. I'm hoping that all the reviews are right and this will work for her. In the meantime, do any of the orgarsm enhancing creams actually work without setting her clit on fire. If so, any views on which are best?

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    I did not use any orgasm enhancing creams for a while, but this has been like 2 years ago. The main reason was that over time I found it easier to orgasm and I started to need less and less help.

    However, I do not remember to have any of them really setting my clit on fire. It does tingle, so she must be ready for that. I also found it better to use it on clit covered a bit by the natural juice, otherwise it could be stronger than I would bargain for. But lot of will depend on her, women tend to have various reaction to these and it cannot be really predicted, until she tries it.

    OUCH! Thank you ;) [sign in to see picture]
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    I'm a lucky duck and have the original Womanizer, and it never ever fails to get me off, so your wife is a lucky gal to have the fancy new one on the way. I hope she loves it :)

    I've never used an enhancing cream before, but I swear by this gel:


    I've never felt any stinging/burning from it, and it really does intensify clitoral sensation for me, and quickly too. Nothing else I've ever used has been as good, though I do like the Bombshell orgasm balms Lovehoney sell.

    Another thing you could try is using your chosen clit gel/cream/balm or even just a favourite lube in conjunction with the larger pump from this set:


    The suction isn't hugely intense so shouldn't cause her any discomfort, but it works super well at drawing blood into the clitoris, making it swell, and hugely increasing it's sensitivity. I've always taken a long time to come, but since I've been using a pump I've found my clitoris is a lot more responsive, and I'm reaching orgasm a lot quicker with less effort.

    As Lavelia said though, you can't guess what your wife's body's reaction to a product will be until she uses it. The gel I recommended is available in sachets in the three for £10 deal, so maybe pick one up if there's other bits you want to give it a shot, just in case it doens't work for her.

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    Many thanks to Lavelia and "Ouch...." for the responses. I'm hoping the Womanizer will arrive in the next day or so - fingers crossed that it works for my wife too. I'll try the I'll the gel too and let you know.

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    Ooh, the Womanizer - my fave toy! I'm another that never fails to get off with it. Hope she loves it, too.

    I've used Tracey Cox's gel and the Bombshell Balms (love the mint, though I can also smell melon in it), and while I don't think they help me orgasm quicker (I'm pretty quick anyway), I do love the feelings, especially with the Bombshell Balm. I even put some on before I go to sleep!

    Your wife is a lucky lady to have a caring hubby like you.

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    How is she getting on with the Womanizer?

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    NatandTom wrote:

    How is she getting on with the Womanizer?

    Not very well yet but we'll persevere. She enjoys it but, to date, she hasn't orgasmed even with it on full power for several minutes. We're not giving up and have tried a couple of the arousing balms but she still needs full-blast Doxy for several minutes to cum. As my lovely lady is 69, it might just be an age thing. I've just received the nipple/clit pump from LH so going to see if that helps her circulation and "speed".

    Thanks for asking.

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